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Bally II Glass Top Humidor Reviews [view details]

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"For The Price - Awesome ...but,"
As with the other reviews, for the price this is an awesome humidor. Built solid seems to close tight. I ve started the seasoning process and seems to be working fine. The only problem I ve come across is what to do with the humidifier device. Included instructions state to attach to the lid .. well, duh .. it s a glass top ? So now where to put it, I searched the web for suggestions, and have found that most glass top humidors come with a special department to put the humidifier. Can t attach this one to the side because the shelf rail isn t tall enough. only real place is the back wall which is not great since it will come in contact with your cigars or under the shelf.. which then you can t stack the cigars very high taking up all the room. In short, get the jar of beads and just roll your eyes at the included humidifier.
Dom in West Virginia March 19, 2014
I am just beginning to smoke cigars and used to keep them in mason jars along with other things. It s kind of expensive but this one was on sale and it was definitely worth it! The humidor is just the right size and the wood looks nice. Some people might have problems with the hygrometer but I just did a salt test on mine and tweaked it to the right % and it works fine. This is a must have for any cigar smoker. I may be just beginning to smoke but I know this is a good buy.
Ezra Nwachukwu in Lockport, New York December 25, 2013
"Great humidor !"
This humidor is simply amazing, the only thing that really bugged me was the cheap plastic hygrometer that doesn't really work, but overall it's a good buy.
Guru in Chicago October 26, 2012
You will never find another humidor of size and quality for this price.. Thanks for the hookup Famous;)
Don B in Suffolk VA February 20, 2012
"not bad"
its a good humidor. You have to lock the lid to keep in the moisture and the humdifier had to throw it away.
Drew in Tulsa,Oklahoma December 7, 2011
"Great Humidor at a more than fair price."
I was actually a little shocked at the quality of the craftsmanship. VERY well made!
Don in Long Island, NY July 15, 2011
"Great Humidor at a Great Price"
This humidor is well worth the price, and it works great.
Scott in California June 14, 2011
"Great Humidor"
Great humidor. Hygrometer didn't work. Needle was dragging on metal surface so it wouldn't move at all I fixed it by openeing it and bent it for it wouldn't drag.
Alex in Stockton ,California January 7, 2011
"bally 2 glass top humidor"
Great humidor,looks great,top quality product. Best deal I've ever seen. Thanks .
richard chouinard in home October 18, 2010
"Great Value"
Great humidor for the price. Wood veneer looks great, not cheap at all. Box is tight and seals very well. Hydrometer was a little difficult to get calibrated correctly, but all in all this was a wonderful buy. Kudos FSS on delivering a quality product for a reasonable price.
S Smiddy in Illinois September 10, 2010