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Bally IV Glass Top Humidor Reviews [view details]

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"What cedar lining?"
There is no cedar lining, actually there is no lining whatsoever. Cedar is CRITICAL for a humi!
Martin in Los Angeles February 11, 2014
Been casually smoking for a year now and decided to get this as my first humidor. Was not dissapointed when i got it. Thought it looked nice in the picture, but in person i believe it's even better! Only downside is the analog hygrometer. Wish it was digital so i didnt have to do the extra step of salt test, but really isn't a big deal. Great product and must get if you want a nice humidor for low value.
Paul in Ohio January 5, 2013
"grand product"
Quality product in construction and appearance. First humidor with hygrometer, no instruction; took a while to master but if your IQ is OK then you'll be fine
robasanartist in long beach CA October 17, 2011
"Good Buy."
The Hygrometer is made out of "Really Cheap" plastic... Other than that worth every penny.
Erik in Virginia October 17, 2011
This is my first humidor and it is a good medium sized box.Got this guy on sale and am pleased with the quality for the price. I am adding a Cigar Mechanic humidifier as an upgrade.
John in Virginia July 26, 2011
"great buy will get another"
if you collect cigars you must get this.
charles in memphis July 9, 2011
"Awesome deal, but shipping takes away from it"
This is an awesome deal. The downside is the shipping. Shipping fees kill the incentive to purchase as it makes the deal less attractive and places the humidor in competition with the other online vendors. When I first saw this I went WOW, then read down and the air was taken from my sails.
Wayne in Houston January 19, 2010
"Nice humidor"
Just picked this unit up on sale here. Very nice looking piece. Still in the "seasoning" stage, but I'm confident it will function well, and will be filled soon with premiums from FSS.
Don in NY February 12, 2009