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Bally Replacement Hygrometer Reviews [view details]

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"Not worth the money"
Did not fit my Bally IV humidor and no instructions on how to calibrate. A waste of time and money.
Murray in San Diego, Ca. October 4, 2013
When I calibrate it using the salt and water method, it shows 75% correctly. But when I put it back in the humidor it's showing 50%, when my electronic xikar is showing the correct 70% (Using xikar gel as humidification source) Not sure why it reads correct in the sealed bag with the salt water, but wrong in the humidor itself. Looking for a replacement.
David Patino in San Antonio March 16, 2013
"Not worth 11$"
Juan in Chicago IL October 26, 2012
"Are you serious?"
How about some sort of description?
mike b. mayhugh in u.s. February 3, 2011