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Bayamo Reviews

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Bayamo Robusto
"REALLY impressed with this smoke"
I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed this cigar. Reading some of the other reviews put me off originally but I wonder if that person was even smoking the same cigar? A very good stick; sweet, smooth, consistent and highly enjoyable right down to the nub - I think it's very affordably priced. (Also saw on Cigar Aficionado that this was cigar of the week.)
Bridget in Westbrook_shoreline_CT April 7, 2013
Bayamo Robusto
"Worth twice the price"
Like them just as well as one of the 6.00 dollar cigars.
J.B in texas March 1, 2013
Bayamo Toro
"Worth a look"
At 1st glance wrapper has nice uniform color and slight oil sheen. Had flavors of mild wood and slight spice at start. Midway more pronounced, with decent oak and toasted spice through nose. Had no issues with burn or draw but there were some inconsistent flavors, which every now and then tasted grassy or soapy. Little time in humidor might help.
NJ in NY August 16, 2012
Bayamo Robusto
"Bayamo Robusto a good smoke"
This is good cigar for $3.00
Bill in Sacramento July 27, 2012
Bayamo Robusto
I have smoked Bayamo's for a long time. I find them satisfying and well priced.
Bayamo Robusto
"Worst cigar ever"
Vile does not begin to describe this cigar. If the makers were trying to capture the flavor of celery (which appears to be the plant portrayed on their band) with notes of dusting rag, then kudos. They nailed it. I got these as a gift from my wife and I don't have the heart to tell her how bad they are but if I can save one soul the misery and loss of cash from buying these then this will have been a success. If you want a great bargain cigar, stay with the FSS 1000 series or value line. They are top shelf.
Mike in Arkansas January 27, 2012
Bayamo Robusto
"Good smoke for the price"
Tastey for a cheapo. Unfortantly the wrappers seem to split on me often.
Erica in GA October 6, 2011
Bayamo Toro
"Worth Checking Out"
Most cigar "re-births" mean nothing more than a new band and new packaging, but Bayamo is one of those rare exceptions. Very well made with excellent burn and draw, this new blend with the criollo wrapper is quite tasty with notes of cedar, almonds and leather and a slightly sweet finish. Much more than I was expecting. Nice job, Famous!
Dave in Denver August 18, 2011
Bayamo Superiores Robusto
"Very pleasant smoke"
I won the Bayamo robusto five pack at auction and I find it a delightful cigar. I smoked one on my porch(last day of vacation) and was impressed by the easy draw ,excellent construction,and unique flavor.There is a spice or herbal hint that I just can not identify,I suppose that's what you guys call complexity. the cigar has a light gray ash that holds on and then reveals a perfect cherry. The price is right too, but I believe the difference between a 10.00 cigar and a two dollar cigar is often $8.00.
Jeffrey Winston Hinton in United States July 9, 2011
Bayamo Superiores Robusto
"Excellent, but."
I got a box of 25, and smoked 15 so far. Out of the 15, the flavor is excellent, the burn is even, ash is a good 2 inches,stays lit, but..... out of the 15 i smoked, at lesst 10 of them had wrappers that split, and split open BAD, to the point of non-smokable. This cigar would have been my favorite of all if not for the wrappers. Sorry........
R. Brown in Exeter NH August 14, 2010
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