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Bayamo Reviews

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Bayamo Superiores Lonsdale
"Very well made"
I bought a box of these some time ago and rather lost them in the bottom of the humidor. I was looking for something different to smoke and ran across the box. I was really pleased with them. Great construction and appearance with an easy, even draw. They were quite light but with very nice, subtle flavors. Worth much more then the asking price (don't tell Famous this)
Tony in Wisconsin July 22, 2010
Bayamo Superiores Robusto
"good cigar for price"
i purchased 3 boxes of robusto, i have smoked 4 cigars so far so good
vito in michgan July 17, 2010
Bayamo Superiores Robusto
"What a shame."
Wow... Great taste and good looking cigar. It is just a shame that the wrapper is awful. I had good luck with these for a while but lately for some reason they are falling apart. The wrapper is so thin and full of veins that on average about seven to ten cigars in a box of twenty are not even smoke able. If you can deal with that then this is the smoke for you. As for me? I have been smoking three cigars a day for the past 15 years. I am sick of inconsistent cigars. I think I am going to just quit this dirty little habit. ;o)
Larry B in Wilton Cal. May 31, 2010
Bayamo Superiores Robusto
"Tastes a bit young"
I couldn't pass up FSS's sale on these because I'm eternally looking for a good cigar at a budget pricing. I've had about 1/2 dozen out of the box I purchased and I must say they are not fully mature yet. They have a nice feel and weight in the hand. The draw is a bit quick, but I use a punch instead of a cutter and it helps a little bit. The cigar produces lots of thick smoke, but the flavor simply isn't there. It's not that the cigar is mild (which it is), but it seems like it hasn't had enough time to develop complexity of flavor. In fact, it tastes "green." I'll age them for a few more months and try again, but I won't buy them again.
Ted in Cromwell, CT April 16, 2010
Bayamo Superiores Robusto
"For the price very good"
I got a five pack of these on sale just recently and found that they were about as good as you could expect for the price you pay for them. I'll admit I'm a pretty new cigar smoker I've only tried a handful of brands, but this is for sure not the worst I have ever smoked. It was one of the best draws I've ever had and it was constructed great. The only thing I didn't like was the taste, but it kinda grows on you toward the end of the cigar. I wouldn't suggest buying them unless you can get a sale deal or add them to a sampler, but none the less one stick you should check out for sure.
Tyler in Pennsylvania October 28, 2009
Bayamo Superiores Lonsdale
"Decent Earthy Smoke"
Decent lower level premium cigar. Very smooth, easy draw, great burn rate and consistent ring burn. Cigar has a unique earthy taste, not sure how else to describe it. Aroma is okay, not as strong or distinct as I usually like. Smoke is nice and thick from each draw consistently!
James in Concord, NH September 17, 2009
Bayamo Superiores Robusto
"Very Surprised!"
Surprisingly good, best $2 cigar I ever had
Gary in South Carolina March 5, 2009
Bayamo Superiores Robusto
"Glad to see they are discontinued"
Not surprised that they have been discontinued. They are not worth the money. The wrapper is tissue thin and they literally explode open and come unwrpped. I've had mine in the humidor for months with no improvement.
alex December 12, 2008
Bayamo Superiores Robusto
"I think a dog dropped this one"
Draw was ok, flavor not too bad, burn was uneven, & started falling apart about halfway through. I see why these are discontinued.
One Putt in Missouri November 28, 2008
Bayamo Superiores Churchill
"Bayamo cigars are great any time of day."
it's hard to believe that bayamos are being discontinued this is absolutley one of the best cigars iv'e ever smoked.
barry in westchester September 25, 2008
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