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Bayamo Reviews

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Bayamo Superiores Churchill
"Bayamo superiores are my new favorite cigar."
Famous smoke shop thanks for your fast delivery you are really the best.
barry in westchester il. April 18, 2008
Bayamo Superiores Belicoso
"Phillies Blunt"
I am not happy with Phillies Blunt cigar. They changed the flavor.
Brett in Wausau WI April 9, 2008
Bayamo Superiores Belicoso
DON in PHOENIX,AZ. February 20, 2008
Bayamo Superiores Robusto
"Change name to 'Inferiores'"
I had a 5-pack of the Bayamo Superiores Natural 2 years ago and really enjoyed everything about it from the burn, taste and construction to the aroma. Then suddenly, this cigar was dropped from the Famous offerings. When it recently became available I bought a box in Maduro wrapper and waited for the cigar I remembered. Unfortunately, these are nothing like they were before. They will not stay lit even after using a DrawPoker on them; they are almost solid to the feel. I've had them in my humidor now about 2months and tried one again this weekend and sadly, there is no improvement. I thought about calling customer service after the first five but after buying many cigars from them over the past few years I guess I can 'eat' a little loss. However, I am disappointed in the quality control of this brand and believe they should be re-named Bayamo Inferiores.
Dennis in Philadelphia.PA January 14, 2008
Bayamo Superiores Robusto
"Not Satisfied"
Four out of the first six I've tried, I couldn't finish. The main problem was the draw. It was like trying to draw up a thick milkshake through a thin straw (headrush). Had a few constuction problem and also had a hard time keeping them lit. Otherwise a nice aroma. Will be giving away to make room in humidor.
Cassidy in Acworth Ga. November 20, 2007
Bayamo Superiores Belicoso
"not worth the money"
very thin wrapper which crackes and separates- from the first stick out of the box to the last. Taste and flavor mediocer. Probably the worst I've gotten from Famous. I smoked them all and did't return them because I took the risk of buying a pig in a poke and therefore accepted the responsibility for my order.
Richard in Sequim, WA October 17, 2007
Bayamo Superiores Robusto
"Not Bad!!"
Overall a good smoke with a drink
Gary in Seoul Korea September 21, 2007
Bayamo Superiores Perfeccion
"Superb Taste At This Price Point"
An excellent, flavourful smoke, very reminiscent of Montecristo "Fer De Lance" naturals, but about twice the cigar for a little less money. Interesting combination of creamy and tangy flavours, even burning, and with a pleasant core aftertaste.
John Howard Oxley in Atlanta August 11, 2006
Bayamo Superiores Robusto
This is one great cigar. I'm going to add this to my all time favorite list.
Michael Salvaggio in IL July 15, 2006
Bayamo Superiores Robusto
"An excellent mild-medium smoke."
I was given one of these about a year ago and have since bought two boxes for myself. These are very well constructed and attractive cigars with a somewhat woody taste. A bit of spice and strong notes of cedar on the palate and a substantial volume of smoke. They burn quite evenly and have an easy draw. These remind me of the old Don Juan original blend. There are also similarities to Astral, the new Honduran Por Larrana and even a faint memory the Cuban Cohiba. For the price, this is a very hard cigar to beat and it certainly deserves trying at least a 5 pack.
Joseph in Texas May 13, 2006
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