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"Not worth it at any price"
Terrible draw! Lousy burn, canoes.
Greg in Chicago October 22, 2013
"Not nearly as bad as expected!"
I bought these for my annual fishing trip to Alaska. You have to chain smoke cigars to keep the mosquitoes away. I was looking for any cheapo bundle that would fit this one requirement. Lemme tell ya. I feel LUCKY that I grabbed these on a whim. I've had some really atrocious cheap cigars on these trips. The Belligerent Beaver's really weren't bad. Obviously you get what you pay for, but I would say, that for this quantity in this price range, these are in the top 10 at least. Probably top 5. Most importantly, they stayed lit, and I didnt get sick of them after 8 days of fairly constant puffing. I'm going straight to this again next year.
Tom in Seattle October 16, 2013
"Cheap cigar for a low price"
I've tried all of these East Coast Rollers. They're about as good as a grocery store cigar. Actually, not quite that good.
Jerry in NC October 11, 2013
"Easy draw. Great flavor. Sweet finish!"
Easy draw. Rolled just right, not too tight. Great flavor. Sweet finish. Best $1.00 ever spent!
Bro. Paul Westby in Ferndale, WA. July 14, 2013
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