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"This is their best??"
Every one of these is impossibly hard to draw. Draw poker doesn t help. My advice is to buy any of the Alec Bradley samplers if you want a nice smooth, easy to draw smoke. Alec Bradley makes the best cigars I have ever had and I ve smoked cigars for 30 years.
Jeff in November 15, 2013
"Good cigars"
I don't give a s#@* this sampler is a good deal. I have been buying CAO for awhile now and enjoy them as much, or more than RyJ!
Jadearman in Manhattan, KS May 5, 2012
"Over stated Ring Gage sizes. Cigars are thin"
Ring gages are over stated. The 50's are more like 48 and the 56 is more like 50. The CX2 is fantastic. Not a good value. Should $30
Jeff in Plainfield IL November 8, 2011
"Great Smokes-Not So Good Shipping Cost"
I love these smokes, but refused to pay $6.00 bucks to ship. I already had them in my cart and checking out until I saw that cost.
BlueWarrior in TN May 10, 2011
"engineer for work, tobacco lover for life after"
I agree with the price issue. Good smokes, some in this package are fine smokes. If you're patient you can find better deals on 10 packs to JAM with. But good smokes, love the delicious maduro goodness of the brazilia. Long ashes Brothers.
Jared in worthington, Pa July 4, 2010
"Nice set but expensive"
I would buy 1-2 sets if the price would fit more to my pocket. $5 a piece delivery cost is not appealing to me. So, I pass and will look for better deals elsewhere.
Roman in Baltiomre May 16, 2010
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