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"Panchos have poor burn quality"
The fuerte and magnum are great cigars. Would recommend to anyone. The panchos are clearly lower quality. They do not burn well at all. I have purchased this sampler several times b/c I really enjoy the magnum and fuerte. I had hoped the panchos were just a bad batch but they are consistently bad. The panchos would be good for fire retardant home insulation or for gags to watch friends try to smoke.
in October 25, 2013
Try something else. If you really want to try, try one. Many other good inexpensive smokes available right here. Nestor does a much better job with Aspira. To each his own, but fair warning.
Hamm in Pittsburgh August 24, 2013
"Rewarding risk"
was skeptical about buying so many cigar that cheap, but i was pleasently suprised! all ive smoked from the pack were great!
Zackary in December 31, 2012
"what a buy"
My son told me he liked one of the La Floridita cigars, so I thought I'd try them. I gave 'em 2 days in the cooker and lit up a magnum. Wow! Flavors were good, medium/strong. draw and burn were perfect. Consistency appearance and construction were good. For the price...can't be beat.
danny in clovis nm January 9, 2012
"good Value for strong Cigars - Some were Harsh"
Some Cigars were Good - Mild cigars were Great - the darker cigars were too strong and somewhat bitter - won't re-order these
Mike in Chicago June 23, 2011
"The Magnum became my favorite"
The taste , construction and burn were all great. This was the first La Floridita I had, but there will be many more.
Ken Griessel in Harbor Beach, Michigan January 27, 2011
"One of My favorites"
Nice. If I remember right these are rarely on sale. I will power through these and be back for more
Dave in Ohio December 24, 2010
"Superb quality for the price!"
This bundle was an add on with the Pancho bundle and I am extremely pleased with the consistency of quality throughout the entire line. The premium is the best in the bundle in my opinion. The only draw back was that the day they arrived I had to have one and it was a bit dry in places. Two weeks in the humidor and they are perfect.
Jason in New Hampshire November 8, 2010
"Price is smooth as the Quality"
The La Floridita is by far the best sampler dollar for dollar, all the smokes are of high quality with fantastic flavors, the Limited is a big fat toasty smoke with flavor that exceeds many top of the line cigars, and the Panchos in natural and maduro is a great sleeper that will surprize you with mellow consistent flavor and high quality construction and burn. the Fuerte is a smoke you should get a box of. I already ordered bundles of the Pancho in both wrappers I know if you try these great cigars you wont be sorry.
Ken in Sammamish Washington July 4, 2010
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