'Best Of Maduros' Sampler #3

$44.99 Retail Price: $ 65.82
Are you new to cigars and can't decide which brand is right for you? Maybe you just want variety. You've come to the right page. Check out the great assortment of cigar samplers our resident cigar experts have assembled in every shape, strength, size, and wrapper type. Many selections include cigar accessories, too. These cigar samplers are not only very affordable, they're also one of the best ways to discover some fine cigars. Browse around and order the sampler that's right for you!
Sampler Information This sampler includes:
2 CAO MX2 Rob Maduro (5 x 52)
2 Oliva Cain 550 Maduro Maduro (5 3/4 x 50)
2 Olor Fuerte Robusto Dark Natural (5 x 50)
2 Perdomo 10th Maduro Robusto Maduro (5 x 54)
2 RP Olde World Reserve Torpedo Maduro (5 x 54)
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