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'Best Of Sweet Tip' Sampler Reviews [view details]

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"Smoked them all"
Save Your Money; I am a sweet tip smoker and I will give you my best assessment without getting too far into "taste" which is very subjective. Baccarat and Maromo are the high and low end winners here. Ilse Del Sol has a chemical sickly sweet tip that reminded me of a lollipop. Not good unless you like a very sweet, sweet taste. Hard o get out of your mouth. Pai Gow was like smoking cardboard from the beginning; the comaprisons to Baccarat are misleading and inaccurate. The AR was bland and super tight. So much so that I couldnt finish that last 2". If you enjoy a sweet tip quality cigar get the Baccarats and Maromas. The Maromas have some short fill issues but they are a good value and the Baccarats are unbeatable.
SC in MASSACHUSETTS October 8, 2012
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