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i love the original plastic tip back %26 mild cigars they need too make the vanilla ones available in stores so i can but them 2 i love black %26 milds
steve in madison March 30, 2014
A friend of smokes these and I believe they are not cigars at all. They re made with pipe tobacco, which is much more appealing than those smelly cigars. If I were to take up smoking again, it would be black and mild. I'm sure they taste as good as their aroma.
Cynthia in NY January 11, 2014
"going back to black%26milds"
Gave black%26 milds another try will be going back to them all the time their smooth taste good and have a good draw and the price is good mike in ct. 11 11 13
mike in ct November 11, 2013
"best smelling... "cigars"?"
Just amazing. I can't believe they're so cheap! Can't go wrong if you like the taste and smell of pipe tobacco, and want something cheap to have fishing! Or when you don't have 2 hrs. the natural scent is so strong, you might want to have some in your humi just to keep it smelling fresh
der in mn April 12, 2013
"Save your money."
A friend brought a pack of these over--he doesn't smoke normal cigars, I do--and I tried one. I've heard about these forever. I usually smoke $10 cigars...these taste like cheap, generic, artificially-sweetened dirt. Save your money. Yeah, real cigars cost a bit. A good cigar (i.e., Oliva Serie V Torpedo) is worth every single penny. you get what you pay for, and in the case of black & milds, that's dirt and cancer paper.
Jon in Nashville February 16, 2013
"great taste !"
I have tried this cigarllilo many times and i can tell you this is one of the best.. slow burn, good draw great taste.
Homer in January 28, 2013
these are good cigars if you haven't tried them u should i order a pack but still hasn't came to my house:(
Joe in October 27, 2012
"Good value"
Has pretty good construction, I've never had one unroll on me. My only complaint is that they start to taste bitter pretty quickly. It's a good value for it's price.
Drew in Maryland October 9, 2012
"Best cigar for 75 cents!"
Smooth little smoke for under a buck. Machine made so consistent like you would expect. However, after you try some handrolled sticks full of the art and tradition those bring you will find the machine rolled look and burn boring. Also the flavor will become quite artifical to you compared to an Arturo in Maduro or a Punch Bolo.
Doug in St Cloud MN August 21, 2012
"dont like plastic tips or wood tips"
black%26milds tobacco taste good its just i dont like the plastic or wood tips after i smoke the ones i have im going back to muriels and staying with them will never buy black%26 milds again
mike in ct July 26, 2012
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