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Black and Mild By Middleton Reviews

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Black & Mild By Middleton Short (5)
"Manufacturing Improving"
My favorite Black and Mild Shorts appear to be better made within the last couple orders. Hopefully, the improvement making these wonderful smokes will continue to get better.
Leila in Summersville, WV September 3, 2014
Black & Mild By Middleton Short (5)
I ve never had such an issue with my favorite smoke as MUCH as what I m experiencing now. It seems that at least 1/4 - 1/2 of the cigars have not been evenly tucked into the plastic tip causing an air draw instead of cigar draw . If it s not an issue with the tip, it s an issue with the entire cigar leaf not meeting all the way round the cigars. What s going on? Is the assembly line too fast to care? Where is the end raters ? Do they not SEE what is so visible obvious?
Leila J in Summersville, WV May 9, 2014
Black & Mild (5)
i love the original plastic tip back %26 mild cigars they need too make the vanilla ones available in stores so i can but them 2 i love black %26 milds
steve in madison March 30, 2014
Black & Mild (5)
A friend of smokes these and I believe they are not cigars at all. They re made with pipe tobacco, which is much more appealing than those smelly cigars. If I were to take up smoking again, it would be black and mild. I'm sure they taste as good as their aroma.
Cynthia in NY January 11, 2014
Black & Mild By Middleton Royale (5)
"black%26milds forever"
Gave black%26milds a chance will stay with pipe tobacco cigars all the time never going back to any other brand mike in ct 11/11/13
mike in ct November 11, 2013
Black & Mild (5)
"going back to black%26milds"
Gave black%26 milds another try will be going back to them all the time their smooth taste good and have a good draw and the price is good mike in ct. 11 11 13
mike in ct November 11, 2013
Black & Mild (5)
"best smelling... "cigars"?"
Just amazing. I can't believe they're so cheap! Can't go wrong if you like the taste and smell of pipe tobacco, and want something cheap to have fishing! Or when you don't have 2 hrs. the natural scent is so strong, you might want to have some in your humi just to keep it smelling fresh
der in mn April 12, 2013
Black & Mild By Middleton Short (5)
"Trying to pull through the cigar?"
I use to smoke the first black and mild cigars because they were short and were a good cigar.Then yall started making the black and mild shorts which were fine to start with but then they have gotten to where I can get a pack of 5 and can only pull through 2 out of the whole pack.I have been smoking black and mild cigars for about 30 years now.I started with the long ones and went to the short ones now.I have 5 packs of the shorts left and after I finish them,that's if I can find one of them I can pull through,I am going to try and find a different cigar to smoke that is easier to pull through. Thanks for ruining my most favorite cigar.
scotty barber in wilmington,nc March 19, 2013
Black & Mild By Middleton Royale (5)
"High prices"
Your price is too high. I can buy them in stores at home cheaper and don't have to get them in quantities.
Dale in Van Buren,Ar. March 15, 2013
Black & Mild By Middleton Wine (2)
"Once lit, tastes and smells like a cigarette."
I haven't smoked much. I've spent most of my years smoking E-Cigs as I was trying to avoid the negative effects of smoking actual tobacco, but everyone knows that there's no real substitute for a good smoke. If you enjoy Black %26 Milds, this is an amazing pack for you, as I'm sure that this one is very similar to the others. Flavor-wise, it tastes fantastic before it's lit. Taking a pre-drag I can taste an amazing grape-flavored wine. Smells just like that too. After I've lit it, I get the standard cigarette taste and smell that I've come to dislike. Don't get me wrong, if you like that sort of thing, it's a great deal. If you don't, try to find another product. I would totally buy these again if I wanted a quick smoke.
John in Florida March 10, 2013
Amilcar Perez Castro
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