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Black and Mild By Middleton Reviews

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Black & Mild By Middleton Wine (5)
"black and mild"
as the name says it is very mild , the smell is very pleasant . it smells like vine put it dos not taste like it ,yet it is very good cigar would buy again in the future:)-
An anonymous smoker February 2, 2013
Black & Mild (5)
"great taste !"
I have tried this cigarllilo many times and i can tell you this is one of the best.. slow burn, good draw great taste.
Homer January 28, 2013
Black & Mild By Middleton Wine (5)
"switching from D Ms to black%26milds"
on second try i miss judged black %26 milds their the best pipe tobacco cigars around i m switching to black %26 milds from D.Ms and staying with black%26 milds for good wine is good
mike in ct December 5, 2012
Black & Mild (5)
these are good cigars if you haven't tried them u should i order a pack but still hasn't came to my house:(
Joe October 27, 2012
Black & Mild By Middleton Wine (2)
"easy to open and roll back up"
easy to open, burn slow. only get wine or jazz.
jose in floydada October 15, 2012
Black & Mild By Middleton Wine (2)
"Great smoke"
great taste easy smoke
kkrizaj in Grand Blanc MI. October 10, 2012
Black & Mild (5)
"Good value"
Has pretty good construction, I've never had one unroll on me. My only complaint is that they start to taste bitter pretty quickly. It's a good value for it's price.
Drew in Maryland October 9, 2012
Black & Mild By Middleton Royale (5)
"The best"
Have a hard time finding thenm. Not everyone has them Why? They are the best tasting you make !
Mark in Va October 6, 2012
Black & Mild By Middleton Short (5)
"Little Old Lady On the Hill Who Smokes Cigars"
Since I am an avid Black and Mild Shorts smoker, finding my cigar around our rural area became quite difficult. That's when I found Famous Smokes; and, the ability to purchase my monthly supply at one time. This particular cigar has been my favorite for over 20 yrs. As a biker, I found that smoking cigars were much more effective on long runs ~ than, those that attempted smoking cigarettes. If cigars go out, they can be re-lit at the next stop. The plastic tip allows me to "clutch" the cigar in my teeth while riding, which meant it was there at the next stop ~ not burned up like the cigarette smoker. The shorter version of the regular Black and Mild fits my hand, allows for short office breaks and lasts just long enough to give me the pleasure I ALWAYS get when smoking Middleton's Black and Mild Cigar!
foxyladybiker in S.E., OH via Daytona Bch, FL September 2, 2012
Black & Mild (5)
"Best cigar for 75 cents!"
Smooth little smoke for under a buck. Machine made so consistent like you would expect. However, after you try some handrolled sticks full of the art and tradition those bring you will find the machine rolled look and burn boring. Also the flavor will become quite artifical to you compared to an Arturo in Maduro or a Punch Bolo.
Doug in St Cloud MN August 21, 2012
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