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Black and Mild By Middleton Reviews

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Black & Mild (5)
"Best cigar for 75 cents!"
Smooth little smoke for under a buck. Machine made so consistent like you would expect. However, after you try some handrolled sticks full of the art and tradition those bring you will find the machine rolled look and burn boring. Also the flavor will become quite artifical to you compared to an Arturo in Maduro or a Punch Bolo.
Doug in St Cloud MN August 21, 2012
Black & Mild By Middleton Royale (5)
"taste bitter"
these cigars if you call them cigars stink have a rotten taste and i hate the plastic tip or wood they should make black%26milds without the tips because the tobacco is ok
mike in ct July 26, 2012
Black & Mild (5)
"dont like plastic tips or wood tips"
black%26milds tobacco taste good its just i dont like the plastic or wood tips after i smoke the ones i have im going back to muriels and staying with them will never buy black%26 milds again
mike in ct July 26, 2012
Black & Mild By Middleton Apple (5)
"not a hint of apple does it have"
It's just a good PLAIN mild cigar. It must have missed the the favoring station . Has a very slight taste of light maple.If the label said unflavored, then I would suggest them as a nice ordinary cig.
geo in N' Baltimore July 7, 2012
Black & Mild By Middleton Wood Tip (5)
"Great quality cigar"
Black and Mild Original Flavor wood tips are one of the best machine made cigars I've ever had. The burn is nice and slow, and the draw is always smooth and consistent. I would recommend the wood tip over the plastic tip: to me, it seems to give it much more flavor. They are a very clean made cigar, and are well put together: you won't have to worry about breaking the cigar when you ash it. Over all, I give this cigar a 10/10. They are my favorite brand, and for the price of a pack of 5, they can't be beat.
Colin in Pennsylvania June 22, 2012
Black & Mild By Middleton Wine (2)
Colin in Pennsylvania June 22, 2012 June 15, 2012
Black & Mild Cigarillos Sweet (2)
After Muriel coronellas, These taste bitter and I ended up throwing them in the trash. The draw end is open and slightly tapered so you get alot more smoke than a hole punched cigar. You also get some tobacco in your mouth. I would not call them sweet or mild. Back to muriel I go.
Ed in MA June 13, 2012
Black & Mild By Middleton Wine (5)
"best thing smoking"
i have been smoking Black & Mild before they set in production the various flavors they currently offer. I have tried them all but I find wine to be the most appealing of all.
conchairta in atlanta georgia May 30, 2012
Black & Mild By Middleton Wine Wood Tip (5)
I've tried a number of cigars and these are by far the most consistent cigar I've ever had. I can always count on it's light taste and smooth burn.
Evan in Lebanon Pa May 5, 2012
Black & Mild By Middleton Royale (5)
These babies have a very mild taste and creamy taste. They actually taste quite similar to the old Black & Mild Creams, but better. The wood-tip Royales are heavenly!
Josh in El Paso, TX January 17, 2012
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