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Black & Mild By Middleton Wine (5) Reviews [view details]

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"black and mild"
as the name says it is very mild , the smell is very pleasant . it smells like vine put it dos not taste like it ,yet it is very good cigar would buy again in the future:)-
in February 2, 2013
"switching from D Ms to black%26milds"
on second try i miss judged black %26 milds their the best pipe tobacco cigars around i m switching to black %26 milds from D.Ms and staying with black%26 milds for good wine is good
mike in ct December 5, 2012
"best thing smoking"
i have been smoking Black & Mild before they set in production the various flavors they currently offer. I have tried them all but I find wine to be the most appealing of all.
conchairta in atlanta georgia May 30, 2012
"The best."
I don't smoke anything else...
Todd in Williamsburg Pa July 10, 2011
"Not the same product as before"
Looks like the company is diluting the cigar with inferior fillers what used to be wonderful now smells like cigarettes rather than wine pipe tobacco. I called the manufacturer and complained of the last 100 pack of how bad it was it seems like this company Middleton is following the same cheap route as most business are these days.
Lawrence Schaechter in Cheyenne, Wy February 1, 2011
"The best cigars"
they are the best..i love them especially the wine kind
in December 18, 2010
"there lame"
They suck. If you're going to smoke a cigar, smoke a real one!
zay562 in tucson,az October 31, 2010
"i luv em"
i`m hooked!!!!!
steve in lowell,ma June 12, 2010
Overrated. Only for underage kids trying to look cool, they aren't special in any way, and for the same price you can get better brands like Phillies. Forget these.
CJ in VT May 12, 2010
love tham
dan in ohio January 16, 2010
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