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Black & Mild By Middleton Wine Wood Tip (5) Reviews [view details]

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I've tried a number of cigars and these are by far the most consistent cigar I've ever had. I can always count on it's light taste and smooth burn.
Evan in Lebanon Pa May 5, 2012
"High quality birchwood"
These are very high quality cigarillos & a good value. The wood tip ones taste twice as good as the plastic tip. It's hit and miss sometimes. Some boxes are much better than others. It's important to purchase it from a high volume distributor because since many people do not smoke these, they will dry up at most convenience stores. Order it online for the best experience.
Darlington in Kingston Upon Hull, UK June 14, 2011
"its the best smoke i have ever had"
The taste just puts you in paradise. To have something to smoke and relax at the same time is great. I love wood tip wine black and milds.
Deserai in nashville December 3, 2010
"unwrap band"
the band needs to higher or lower on the cigar, more times than not part of the band sticks to the wood tip and the cigar wrap.
Jerry in Cary,NC May 10, 2010
"Much better than regular tips"
I liked these because i can go fishing and chomp down on the wood tip all day and not have it crack. These actually last a really long time, about 30 minutes. For some reason these taste a lot better then the plastic tips, i would buy these again over the plastic ones.
Sean in Ponte Vedra FL January 5, 2010
thesez r tha best !!!!!
gucci in December 2, 2009
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