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Blackstone By Swisher Cherry Tip (10) Reviews [view details]

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"Why not available in Perth"
Comming from South Africa we realy miss this excelent cigar. Why is it that we cannot buy them in Australia?
Yvonne in Perth Australia January 15, 2014
"Bought 5 pack and only got 4 inside packet"
I enjoy the Tip cigarello s tremendously after a hard days work. Such a shame that I bought a 5 pack yesterday at a SPAR outlet in South Africa and only found 4 inside and it was sealed properly and I removed the plastic wrapping myself. Burn, consistency, draw, appearance, taste and construction are exellent!!!
Johannes in Johannesburg South Africa November 19, 2013
"Mild and sweet, nothing els comes close to these."
I only smoke these. Everything else is to harsh.
Amanda in May 1, 2013
"Bar Code"
These are the only cigars I will smoke. The biggest issue is they do not scan well and most retailers have trouble with the codes. I would expect in this day and age that the bar code would not be and issue but for most retailers it does not work. Good Cigar, bad bar code.
Glen Foster in Winipeg March 22, 2013
"Smoke alot for flavor"
LOVE THEM! I always find myself wanting more, even if i am smoking a different brand, perfect cigars!
Ethan R in Battle Creek March 26, 2012
"Blackstone around the world"
i've been to 23 countries and never found a cigar as satisfying-while working in USA i wrote to my family in South Africa to send me some, and after receiving my Blackstone cherry cigars all the way from South Africa someone showed me on the packet-' made in the USA'! i never saw that before and was telling everyone about the nice cigars we can buy in South Africa!Gues i've never look at the pakkage-to eager to get inside
Ewert in Versailles MO October 17, 2011
Customer Ratings

10 Burn (90) 100
Poor Burn Rating Excellent

10 Consistency (85) 100
Poor Consistency Rating Excellent

10 Draw (82) 100
Poor Draw Rating Excellent

10 Appearance (90) 100
Poor Appearance Rating Excellent

10 Taste (96) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (83) 100
Poor Construction Rating Excellent

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