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Blanco Liga Salomon Connecticu Reviews [view details]

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"Best CT wrapper cigar I ve smoked, very creamy"
This is by far the best cigar I have ever smoked with a Connecticut wrapper. The description is right, it is a very creamy cigar. I had a stick that arrived 3 days previously and kept in a humidified bag since then , and it was simply phenomenal. Very creamy, very tasty and complex, and exceptionally even burn. Draw was on the tight side of okay, and I had to clip more than I would have liked to from the head of the cigar, but it isn t really a big issue to me. In my opinion this cigar compares very favorably to most super premium sticks that run 2-2.5x the price. My only real complaint, and I realize this is a matter of taste, is that I wish the cigar were a bit more powerful in the nicotine department; I would call this a medium or mild to medium cigar, and it left me wanting a bit more N. That said, this is one of the most satisfying cigars that I have smoked in a long while, and I eagerly look forward to picking up a box of these on the Monster in the near future. Very happy I picked this one up on impulse.
Kilroy in New York City April 26, 2014
"Solid Blanco"
I ve very much enjoyed all Blanco cigars with the exception of some Maduros. This one is excellent as well. Construction is perfect, as to be expected, while the 100% Esteli tobacco is medium bodied, with fresh wood and cream notes -- perhaps a little green and needing more time. I wish Famous carried more of the Blanco cigars, particularly the Primos Rosado.
Stefan in City by the Bay December 17, 2013
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