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Blanco Nine Reviews

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Blanco Nine Torpedo
"Great Cigar"
When I tried one for the 1st time I was hooked the feel the rich full taste and the smoke of this cigar is great. A perfect cigar in my opinion.
Joe N in San Antonio TX January 19, 2015
Blanco Nine Lancero
Not as tasty as the Robusto but still very good, with excellent construction and 60-minute burn. 88-90 points
Stefan in City by the Bay May 30, 2014
Blanco Nine Robusto
"Medium At Best"
Excellent burn and ash, but not what I expected at all. The ones I had were mild, and it would be a stretch to call it medium bodied. Slightly tight draw which I wouldn t mind if there were lots of smoke, but the little smoke it gave off was like vapor. The light subtle flavor it had wasn t bad, but lacking. Maybe I m just used to stronger cigars.
Tim in Florida May 5, 2014
Blanco Nine Lancero
"horrible yuck!"
Thought this stick would be good, boy was I wrong. The flavor was like grass and burnt charcoal with a hint of bitter cheese. Not what my palate is used to. Also, the burn was VERY fast and hot and I could hear the cigar snap and pop as I smoked it. I had to put it out before the halfway point because the wrapper and binder both split completely from about the halfway point to the shoulder. It looked like a fire cracker had exploded inside the filler. I would rate it at a solid 01/100. one point because it did not go out. I will not be buying these again and I can't recommend this cigar to anyone.
mike in Minnesota April 27, 2014
Blanco Nine Toro
"So, so."
Didn t like the Toros as much as the Robustos. In all fairness, the sticks I received also seemed to be a little too old.
Stefan in City by the Bay March 7, 2014
Blanco Nine Robusto
"This One is as Good as it Looks"
Excellent construction, steady burn, and well balanced flavors of coffee, chocolate, and spice. One of the best quality-price ratios I've come across so far.
Stefan in San Francisco September 1, 2013
Blanco Nine Robusto
"will buy a box"
Very flaverfull. Spicy peppery goodness. Love the wrapper looks as good as it taste. I will buy a box.
Stefan in San Francisco September 1, 2013 October 28, 2012
Los Blancos Nine Robusto
"Your Description Said it All !"
Exactly as described ! a true 9!
Nita Peltier in Deltona, Florida August 6, 2011
Blanco Nine Robusto 5 Pack
"I hate to write reviews!"
I hate to write good reviews for cigars because generally it increases the price on it in auction. This cigar has hints of sweet with alot of creaminess and spicy sweet finish. This is not my favorite cigar but is in the top 5. The price on these is very fair. The burn was one of the best for the price ive seen. Consistant enjoyment throughout the cigar. To some it might overwhelm them but I found it very relaxing without giving me a headache or light sensitivity. Not a first timer cigar. I recomend this to anyone that smokes a few cigars a week.
Erica July 23, 2011
Blanco Nine Lancero
"Should be Los Blancos Nine-Point-Five"
I'm loath to do a review after a single cigar, but this one (lancero) was just too impressive to let go. The pre-light draw seemed tight, but actually produced a nice volume of rich, full-bodied smoke, featuring a coffee-tinged earthiness with a bit of balancing sweetness. The burn was nearly flawless. My remaining precious few are now going to be saved for special times. The only drawback is having to choose between buying either singles or a box of 50.
JO in Seattle April 20, 2011
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