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"My favorite, except..."
I've had 2 of these lighters, and both of them worked fine for the first 4 to 6 weeks. Then no more flame on. Loved them both while they worked, but no so much since the 2nd one crapped out on me. Now they cost quite a bit, and I won't buy without instructions on how to disassemble and repair one myself.
L Clark in Ohio September 25, 2012
"My #1, #2, and #3 lighter"
I've had FOUR of these in over 20 years and they flatout WORK - for a long time - consistently - no problems. I've bought Xicar because of the lifetime guarantee and have about 4 of them but you need 4 because I use one for 2 months, it quits working and it takes 2 months to get it back from Xicar so I have their other lighters for backups to their backups but my Blazer's rock. I recommend the total clear one so you can see at a glance your fuel level and also purge before EVERY refill. Forget Colibri - beautiful but not functional. Downside: the round barrel feels chunky in my pocket but I know it's close by.
BeemerPilot in Austin, Texas September 19, 2012
I've had many Blazers, from when they first started making them at about $10, quit smoking, sad day, and then re-started smoking, Bought some high end lighters to celebrate and then saw the Blazer for sale. Decided to go for the tried and true and for the past six months the two I own have been my go to lights and light every single time! Like any production item, some may come with defects and it's okay... but mine have been highly dependable and an item I totally recommend.
John in Puerto Rico July 14, 2012
"It fell in a river and still works :-)"
I've had my Blazer pb207 for 5 or 6 months now, and it never fails to get the job done. lights reliably and holds it's fuel forever compared to my xikar plunge which only lasts 2 days (literally). the only kink is when i negligably left it sitting on sand, some got caught in the igniting button...after which it wouldn't light upon pushing it, but after 'flicking' the ignition a few times to loosen the sand caught in it...it works great again..! and like my title suggests, i went on a float trip, and it fell into 4 ft. of turbulent water...dried, it out, and it's like it never happened...: ) definitely didn't expect it to survive that....good lighter!
in July 9, 2011
"Excellent Design"
This is a really well designed lighter. I believe that the choice not to include a flame adjustment is brilliant. One less item to screw up and cause problems down the road. This baby lights first time, every time. I'm very happy with it.
Phil Siegel in Chicago December 17, 2010
"rarely works"
The lighter worked fine for the first couple months, then for some reason it just wouldn't light. I purged the tank of air and fuel, which is part of basic maintenance, so that it can work properly but it doesn't. Trying to contact the manufacture is frustrating. For $50 I thought it would be a good investment and better than using stick matches--I guess not.
mjjc in New Jersey May 9, 2010
I bought my first Blazer many years ago. I've bought 20-25 different lighters over the years in all price ranges, and that original is the only one that always works--and I mean ALWAYS. I can't remember what I paid for it, but I know it was less than $10. Then I believe they were not made for awhile, and when I saw a new one I bought it. It rarely works. Complete pain in the rear. This one is selling for $43? Wow. Though I only paid a few bucks for my original, I guess if this one is as good, then it's worth the price. If it's like my second, it's a waste. This isn't gong to help anyone, but I suggest doing some research before purchasing. I for one am sick and tired of wasting money on poorly design lighters.
garman in San Anselmo, CA October 31, 2009
"Decent lighter"
worked great till the striker end fell off and i have been waiting for over two months plus to get it back from being fixed. Bought a xikar and did away with any problems or waits.
K.Doty in Tulsa April 30, 2009
The only lighter that consistently works. I have had Colibris that quit within a few weeks(a very expensive mistake). My original Blazer torch is now 10 yrs old and still going. I have one at the different cities that I travel to due to the airline restrictions. I just leave them with friends or family.
Rafael in Odessa, FL February 8, 2009