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Blazer Venture Dual Torch Reviews [view details]

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"Great Value"
Have used this lighter only a couple of weeks, but I love the feel in my hand, and more importantly it lights the first time every time, and provides a flame that is great for lighting your cigar. I have more expensive lights that don't perform as well. This is an excellent light I would recommend to anyone.
GL in July 17, 2012
"so far great"
Have only had for a couple weeks, but so far operates wonderfully. I really appreciate the thumb-operated flame control. Very solid and heavy, a great, reliable lighter that will fire up a stogie in a jiffy!
David C in Lowcountry, SC July 8, 2011
"Great Overall product"
Great lighter. Period. Butane must be refilled occasionally. 1-3 times a week, varying with use.
Ty in Fruit Capitol March 2, 2010
"Great Torch Lighter"
I'm a self avowed lighter freak!! I own 12 different ones!! But this is a great lighter. Blazer quality, dual torch and a great price!! It has fair sized tank so you aren't filling it everyday. All my other lighters are now sitting in a ciagr box in my desk drawer since this one arrived!! That includes my fav Xikar executive!! Buy one., I think you'll be very pleased.
Tim R in Ohio December 5, 2009
"Returned. Lack of quality control by Blazer"
Unable to fill ! I will stick with matches and my Colibri which works ocassionally.My Colibri works about 50% of the time. 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing !
Franzie in Salem,NH March 14, 2009