Cigar Expo 2011 – Cigarnival

Cigarnival - Cigar Expo 2011

*Update* click here for pictures of the event!

It’s official: Cigar Expo 2011 has been announced! For more details, head over to our micro-site or check it out on our Facebook Fan Page. While you’re there, make sure you “like” us for Facebook-exclusive deals.

This year’s event promises to be bigger and better than ever. The even isn’t until the end of August this year, but it’s for good reason: by then we’ll be settled into our brand-new headquarters! Not to worry…it’s only a mile or two down the road.

More details will be released as we confirm them, but know this: CigarExpo 2011 will be THE cigar event of the YEAR. See you there!

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  1. Jim Howard says:

    And the Countdown begins… 6 Months; 14 Days; 9 Hours; 26 Minutes…

  2. Rob R says:

    WE CAN’T WAIT!!! It gets Better and Better every Year!!! Real good cigars, Grown up servings of BEER, Plenty of Food and Good hearted people!! THIS IS THE #1 CIGAR LOVER EVENT ON THE EAST COAST PERIOD!

  3. jimmy d says:

    cant wait for cigarnival counting the days rollin VIP BIG TIME

  4. William Rieche says:

    I am interested in attending your Cigarnival, but I can’t find anywhere on your site that actually tells me where it is.

  5. Where exactly is the cigarnival?

  6. @William Rieche – you can find more information about Cigarnival here which is our micro-site for our Cigar Expo events. we have also updated this blog to include this link.

    We hope to see you there!

    Until then, keep herfin’ my friend!

  7. @William Rieche – Cigarnival will take place at our new facility here in Easton, PA.

    Here is the new address:

    90 Mort Drive
    Easton PA 18040

  8. Chris Marx says:

    all links to this URL are not working!

    Where is this event?

    Chris, the event is in Easton, PA. The site was temporarily down, and should be back up now. Cheers.

  9. Tameka says:

    I’m looking forward to this event. It will be my first one. Do a lot of female cigar smokers usually show up? It’s no really no biggie, I’m use to hanging out and smoking with the guys.

  10. Tameka, looking forward to seeing you there! There will be women at Cigar Expo, although you will see many more guys than gals, which is somewhat representative of the cigar smoking community at large.

    Bring some of your girlfriends, introduce them to the leaf! See you there :)

  11. Ric says:

    Can’t wait to get down to PA and enjoy some fine cigars with a bunch of fellow cigar lovers!!

  12. Steve says:

    Is Cigarnival a “go” rain or shine? Do we need to worry about the hurricane?

  13. Doc says:

    Irene is knocking.Is Cigarnival still a go??
    I am so psyched.
    This event gets better and better every year

  14. Ladies and Gentlemen, Cigar Expo will “go” rain or shine. We have tents set up to keep us dry if need be.

    Let the games begin!!!

  15. Jimbo says:

    Really bummed that I have to miss my first Cigar Expo. Damn hurricane, getting out on Sunday is the problem. I wonder if Famous is going to do anything for us out-of-towners who were forced to cancel.

  16. ROBUSTO says:

    Any updates since the tropical storm warnings? Heading out from NY and just want to make sure.

  17. Doc says:

    man that was AWESOME!!
    Absolutely the best yet

  18. David S says:

    Listen up…
    I’ve been tom the others.
    You guys “do it right”
    No pushing
    No shoving
    No hype.
    Just good old fashioned fun with no pressure or BS.
    You have a great formula…thank you
    And by the way…I’ll be at your store and at the leaf next year…during the ” other show” in april..
    A much better way to spend my time and money…..

  19. PY Dave says:

    Having been to my first “Cigar Event” by JR’s on the Intrepid in 2003 and every CI Cigar Fest since 2004, I must say that you guys are spot on for putting on a first class show! My buddy and I enjoyed the much smaller and personal numbers that allowed better interaction with other event goers, but a better chance to interact with the vendors as well. You did a fantastic job with your new facility. My only complaint…no poster for my wall! This will be the preferred event we attend in the future! Great job!

  20. Scott Stewart "freak boy" says:

    If anybody got pix of the show can you email them to me please at this address subject cigar expo
    Thank you

  21. Freak Boy, there are pix of the event on this page (top left)