Cigars for Troops: Famous Warriors

Whatever your foreign policy views, I’m sure you’ll agree that supporting our troops is one of the most important things we can do. Stateside and abroad, these brave men and women nobly endeavor to protect our way of life from all threats, foreign and domestic; they bravely facilitate the very blanket of freedom enjoyed by all Americans.

We at Famous are only too happy to help in our own way: by sending them cigars and cigar accessories.

We recently received this heart-warming letter of thanks. While we are honored, we are not worthy…it is SrA Bomgaars and his brothers and sisters in uniform who deserve the gratitude.

Today, and every day, we thank you for all that you do.

To the Famous Smoke Shop Gang;

First of all happy holidays! We hope you all had a wonderful time with all of your friends and loved ones. Second of all thank you all very much for your more than generous donation to us. You all went way above and beyond, and that means a ton to us. We cant thank you guys enough. We made this photo for you to say thanks. I will get some more pics of us smoking your cigars when we have some free time during the day. But again thank you for brightening up our days and doing this for us.

SrA Joel Bomgaars
(the one on the right in the picture)

Team Jersey Shore

Cigars for Troops


Famous Smoke Shop


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  1. Mike says:

    This is what it’s all about. Cigar Dave said this when he spoke some servicemen/women is that the first thing that they are wanting when they are deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan is a good (premium) cigar because it reminds them of the comforts of home and it’s a great way to share a moment off-duty with their fellow soldiers.

  2. Absolutely, Mike. There is nothing more honorable than fighting for your country, the least we can do is make them feel at home with some good cigars.

  3. Joel says:

    Hey everyone thanks again! The cigars really hit the spot when we have some free time.

  4. Tony says:

    Having deployed twice to Iraq (’05-’07 and ’09-’10) and with an upcoming deployment to Afghanistan I can tell you that one of the best feelings in the world is to open up a care package from the states, and see the thought/time/support that was put in to it. My unit received many cigar “bombs” from members while deployed and we responded by posting pictures and stories of us sharing the cigars. It’s an indulgence that reminds us that we’re not really that far away from home after all… and more than anything else we have the support of an entire nation behind us. God bless and thank you for supporting the troops!

    CW2 Anthony Bailey
    C/1-227 ARB, 1 ACB, 1 CD
    Fort Hood, TX

  5. Patrick M. Hughes ETN2 Seal says:

    God bless the peace keepers!

    Get some!

  6. PV2 McConnell says:

    Is Famous still donating cigars to soldiers? I placed a couple orders just a couple days ago and cant wait to receive my order! There are about 12 of us in my unit that smoke cigars daily that would love to receive some cigars if Famous is still willing to donate! We love our cigars and love buyin them from Famous!

  7. SGT Sage, Andrew says:

    My name is SGT Sage, Andrew and was wondering if Famous Cigars is still donating cigars. As most Soldiers push out of Iraq there will still be about 150 of us left that stay in country to support the Iraqi Training Mission. As the other Soldiers depart and go home so does Aafes and that is our way of getting cigars. The mail system also will change to a DPO system after January 2012. I was wondering if there was any way for you to support us with whatever Cigars that you could support us with. Theres about 40 of us that every Saturday get together and play guitar and smoke cigars with. It is really our time to get to know one another that much better. If you are willing to send Cigars I will definitely make sure to take pictures and send them to you. We would appreciate anything that you could do for us.

    God Speed!

    SGT Sage, Andrew
    APO AE 09348

  8. SGT Sage,

    I just got word from Customer Service – they will be sending out some cigars to you!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog, and a special thanks for protecting our freedoms!

    Famous Smoke Shop

  9. CW3 Craig Richmond says:

    Thank you for your donation to SGT Sage and his group of smokers. I’ve ordered from you before, but for the last couple of years, had been ordering from CI (not sure why). Well, I know why I won’t order from them again.
    I asked if they had a similar program and they said yes. However, although they appreciated my business, they added my name to their list for donations, but could not guarantee whether we would actually receive any cigars.
    So, you’ve secured all of my future business for the rest of my deployment and after I return home. Little things like this count!

    Thank you,

    CW3 Craig Richmond
    Baghdad, Iraq

  10. CW3 Craig,

    Donating smokes to the troops is the least we can do for your efforts!

    You’re business is greatly appreciated! It’s your selfless service to our nation that affords us the opportunity to serve you cigars.

    Keep up the great work you do, all the troops are in our hearts, we want all of you to come home safe.


  11. SSG Kenneth R. Allen says:

    How can I get my unit to receive cigar donations? Can someone please fill me in? Many thanks!

  12. A1C Andrew Stout says:

    I’m currently deployed in Afghanistan and my buddies and I were wondering if you were still doing the cigars for troops. If so we were all wondering if their was anything you guys could do for us. Their are about 5 guys including myself that love cigars and the stock here on base is getting low. We all would appreciate anything that you could do for us and thanks for your support.

    Thank You, A1C Stout

    Andrew Stout
    455 EMXS/ARM
    APO,AE 09352

  13. Shawn Hines says:

    I am currently on my unit’s morale Committee, at our past meeting I asked if the guys/gals would be interested in getting together and maybe having a cigar club. Kind funny what cigars do, but I have SEVERAL people already wanting to get something started tonight. Although I am always in having a good cigar and offering a stick here and there. I cant afford to give away my last stick.

    How would I go about getting our “Club” put on a mailing list?

    Thank you

    MK1 Shawn Hines
    UNIT 3950
    FPO AE 09501-3950