FDA Regulation: The End of Cigars

Make no mistake: the Department of Health, through the FDA, is crusading to erase tobacco, including cigars. Don’t believe me? According to Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius:

Until we end tobacco use, more people will become addicted…Now is the time to fully implement proven and effective interventions… to help end this public health epidemic once and for all.

Only 3 years ago, Deputy Secretary Bill Corr worked as an anti-smoking lobbyist. Are THESE the people you want in charge of cigars at the federal level?

FDA regulation of cigars will begin with a ban on mail-order sales, but even your local smoke shop isn’t safe. Take a good last look at your local walk-in humidor, because under the new FDA regulations, displaying cigars will be illegal. Instead they’ll be kept in a stock room, under lock and key. You can forget browsing for cigars – you’ll have to ask for them by name.

But hey, at least it’ll be easy to keep track of new brands: FDA regulations will force manufacturers to spend upwards of six-figures just to get new a blend approved. Your favorite boutique cigar brands will wither and die, leaving only the largest manufacturers to introduce a new blend or two per year.

Don’t expect to sample those new blends, either: free samples will be illegal, as well as cigar events. Even if you’re brave enough to buy a box sight unseen, the FDA is likely to mandate near-zero levels of nicotine. How do you suppose THAT cigar will taste?

To add insult to injury, if passed, YOU will be paying for all this new regulation in the form of income and new cigar taxes. Surely the Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves!

When a government acts against its citizens’ interests, it’s time to make your voice heard. Urge your Senator and Representative to support the Traditional Cigar Manufacturing and Small Business Jobs Preservation Act today.

Click the button below, even if you’ve already done so. Your voice counts, and it ONLY TAKES A MINUTE!


Say NO to FDA Regulation of Cigars

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  1. Carlos Dos santos says:

    Sebelius wants to ban tobacco because of the “public health epidemic” it has fostered!
    OK, let’s fight obesity by legislating what (and how much) we can eat.

  2. Mike says:

    I’m no fan of FDA regulation, but the govt hasn’t even said what regs will be proposed. That list is a blend of similar laws in some Canadian provinces, US rules not yet in affect concerning cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, and some people’s worst-case scenarios. It might make more sense to see what gets proposed.

    I highly doubt this exemption effort goes very far, anyway. The health lobby sees no reason to exempt any tobacco.

  3. Tony says:

    I contacted my representative thanking him for supporting HR-1639, the Traditional Cigar Manufacturing and Small Business Jobs Preservation Act of 2011. We need to contact our Reps and ask them to support this legislation.

  4. Mike says:

    I have contacted my representatives as well, and my senators. I would also suggest that if you intend to vote in the next election, that you contact the campaigns of those representing whatever party you are affiliated with, and asking them to support blocking legislation that would damage the cigar industry. It isn’t just the current crop of politicians that we have to worry about, but also those running for office.

  5. Gene says:

    Note that the “Traditional Cigar Manufacturing and Small Business Jobs Preservation Act, H.R. 1639 would statutorily exempt traditional large and premium cigars from regulation and user fees” (this per an e-mail received from my congressman Steven Fincher). Personally I enjoy trying new blends and try to regularly smoke cigars that are not “name brand” (when I find a good one) in addition to the more well known or “premium” cigars. Depending on interpretation this could be a very subtle way of making new blends very expensive to produce and keep small manufacturers from competing.

  6. steve says:

    I think every one should stop and think we as USA we don’t have any freedom our troops are not fighting for are freedom all our rights are gone Think about it ?? the troops have been fighting for oil and that’s all !! for many years we have been losing our rights/freedom I can sit here for hours and list all we can’t do anymore that we use to do that’s why I say think about it ?? Now it comes down to surger its going to be TAXED high and are are Alcohol drinks are the same and for years smoking has been attacked and what it has all come down to is are freedom of choice and we don’t have that any more unless some one or the whole USA takes a stand and let it be known we are not going to take it any more of the crap