Name Your Price at Cigar Monster

Name Your Price at Cigar Monster

Cigar Monster is not exactly “fond” of change, so we were surprised when he DEMANDED a new feature on his website. We were even MORE surprised that he immediately liked our suggestion.

Name Your Price is pretty much what it sounds like – sporadically throughout the day, we’ll place items on the Monster and allow you to Name Your Price. After the items are placed in your cart, simply proceed through checkout. If you offer is accepted, the purchase is processed and shipped as normal. If your offer is NOT accepted, it’s back to the drawing board.

The benefit is two-fold.

  1. You’ll get even greater discounts, and
  2. You’ll see a FAR bigger selection of cigars to choose from

Note that Name Your Price will never appear during the Mash-Up, so it’s up to you to check the website as often as possible, or following CigarMonster on Twitter. Note also that thresholds change daily, so even if your bid is rejected on one day, it just might be accepted the next time you see it.

Happy Hunting!

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  1. Will says:

    Do they ship free?

  2. Will,

    If the item has a UPS free shipping logo, then it ships free. Many of the Name Your Price items do ship for free, but you have to make sure you see the UPS logo.

    Thank you for feeding Cigar Monster.

  3. jon says:

    The final accepted price seems to be higher than in mash up, so it is not a good deal especially since most cigars are not free shipping on name your price.