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Hayward herfing an Oliva V LanceroI make no secret of my preference for smaller cigars, with a 50 ring gauge generally being the largest I’ll buy. If you’re like me in that regard, and if you enjoy the challenging complexities of a full-flavor cigar, then I highly recommend the Oliva Serie V Lancero.

For starters, there is something special about the all-Nicaraguan core, which includes full-bodied Nicaraguan Jalapa longfillers and a Nicaraguan binder. But the puro’s greatest achievement for me is its milk chocolate-colored Sun Grown Nicaraguan Habano wrapper.

I’ve been hanging onto a box of Oliva Serie V Lanceros for aging purposes, which I recently had occasion to crack into. From the get-go, I’m surprised by how much the cigar’s pepper notes have mellowed out. Instead of causing a tingling in my sinuses, it is at once rich and smooth, bringing to mind the word, “invigorating.”

Oliva Serie V LanceroTime has also been kind to the cigar’s burning characteristics. At release, they were subject to the instability that affects most Lanceros: a lopsided burn, somewhat-weak ash, and the occasional tunnel, all of which could be reasonably kept in-check by smoking slowly.

They now perform amazingly well, boasting a thin, crisp burn line and sturdy, neatly-stacked ash. I also find them much more tolerant to my pace.

Finally, the flavors and aroma have also rounded out. At initial release, I recall being able to pick out clearly-defined flavors of wood, pepper, earth, and some spice. These notes have mellowed and mixed, forming a baseline that is greater than the sum of its parts, and underpinned by subtle sweetness.

If a couple years can transform a cigar to this degree, I’m excited to find out how they’ll taste a year from now.

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In this series of blogs, I’ll explain how these sampler programs work, what the benefits are, and hopefully, make the case for you to give them a try.

Last week, I wrote about Samplers by Strength. This week I’m going to focus on another unique sampler program: “Best Of “Cigar Samplers.

Like all our cigar sampler programs, this one focuses on a common theme. In this case, most of the samplers feature the best cigars from a given manufacturers. It offers an affordable way to try or stock up on cigars made by your favorite cigar makers, brands, and wrappers.

For instance, many “Best Of” samplers are made by one manufacturer. The “Best Of Oliva” sampler contains a pair-each of Famous 70th Anniversary by Oliva, NUb Habano, Oliva Serie G, Serie O, and Serie V Ligero cigars.

Similarly, some “Best Of” samplers contain cigars from several different lines of one brand. The “Best Of La Floridita” sampler is one such, containing 4-each of our La Floridita Fuerte, La Floridita Limited Edition, and regular La Floridita and La Floridita Maduro.

Lastly, the “Best Of Maduro” sampler features 20 cigars, including a pair-each of 601 Habano Oscuro Green, CAO Brazilia, Cuvee 151, Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve, PadrĂ³n, and many more.

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