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While the majority of cigar smokers are men, more women are joining the hobby and we want to help them enjoy it!

A recently published survey noted that it’s a tiny number – less than 1% of the cigar-smoking community as a whole – that are women, enjoying a fine, premium handmade cigar. Since I’ve never been one to just “trust the numbers” (see: miles per gallon on any car I’ve ever owned), I think that number is actually higher. And even if it isn’t, I think that number should grow. Women smokers have plenty to contribute to this fine cigar lifestyle of ours – when Delicia the Cigar Vixen contributed her thoughts on the subject recently, she agreed: “It’s easy to assume that the cigar life is a ‘men only’ pastime… But as a ‘lady of the leaf,’ it has been amazing to see more women taking part in this classic pastime, in addition to the world of Cosmopolitans and Brunch, women have developed an appreciation for one of the truly finer things in life: a quality cigar.” Continue reading

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