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Bolivar Reviews

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Bolivar Lonsdale
"its ok"
not bad for the price
Towboat joe in Texas March 22, 2014
Bolivar Churchill
"My favorite "Cuban style" cigar...."
I've tried several cigars that advertise themselves as "Cuban Style", but this is my favorite. Gorgious construction, smokes great and good taste and aroma without knocking you on your ass. It is a tragedy that Famous is discontinuing them, but I'll order them as long as I can get them.
David in District of Columbia April 2, 2009
Bolivar Churchill
"Had a few, not a disappointer. worth the try"
Had a few, not a disappointer. worth the try
dnocca in somewhere in ny March 25, 2009
Bolivar Churchill
"Good "Cuban-style" Cigar..."
I like this one, it was strong enough to give me a buzz, but didn't kick me in the ass. I liked the flavor, the aroma, and in my humble opinion, it is well constructed too. I've tried several "Cuban Style" cigars, and this is the one I've liked the best. I'm not rich and can't spend more on my cigars then my food, but this one isn't so pricy to be out of my reach.
David in Imperial Capital-NewWorldOrder March 17, 2009
Bolivar Churchill
"Good cigar that will age well"
This is a lovely complex cigar that starts with a strong leathery flavor that has hints of nuttiness. The leathery taste fades midway in and has sweet hints and even a tinge of spiciness. I noticed what I believe is an unsweetened cocoa flavor in the finish, and I think that this cigar would age well. I wish it wasn't discontinued.
Robert in Mesa, AZ December 30, 2008
Bolivar Lonsdale
not worth the money
KK in KENTUCKY December 24, 2008
Bolivar Toro
"Great taste and aroma"
I have not had any problems with poor draw so far. I have smoked about 4 from the 20 I ordered and have not been disappointed. A great flavor which I think compares to good cubans I have had the opportunity to smoke. Burn has for the most part been consistently good. It is now my favorite of all cigars currently in my humidor. A great cigar for the price.
Jeff in Carmel, Indiana April 23, 2008
Bolivar Toro
"These need some time."
After a couple weeks, they have a weird taste. I've smoked 3 and all have been plugged. I'm going to let them sit and hope for improvement.
Todd in Seattle February 26, 2008
Bolivar Toro
"Very Nice"
Nice rich smoke with classic flavors. Full bodied yet not bitter.
Doug Klimkowicz in Cleveland, Ohio December 20, 2007
Bolivar Lonsdale
"First cigar I have ever thrown out"
I'll try anything. My go to cigars are not the best in the world, but they taste alright. This is the first cigar I have ever thrown away due to bad taste, and I don't like throwing money away. Maybe it was a fluke; these things happen. The taste was indescribably bad. It's a shame, as it looked very nice.
Brian in Kentucky November 11, 2007
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