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Bolivar Lonsdale Reviews [view details]

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These junkers are difficult to smoke. Very hard to draw and keep lit. Don t waste your money.
Ed in Branford, Ct July 27, 2014
"Bolivar s for $30 skins?!?! Jump!"
Did I just really score a box of 25 Bolivar Lonnie s for $29 and coin? The aroma was incredibly pleasant and noticeable upon delivery even through the cello around box! 25 perfectly humidified and aged sticks. Fired one up and voila! Perfect, in every regard. This deal can t last...not at this just can t! I will jump on another box and age them. Now the problem is that I need a bigger humidor! Thanks came through again!
J Francis in Manch-Vegas, NH July 23, 2014
"great cigar!"
these bolivar lonsdale cigars taste great! i bought them and let them sit in the humidor for a day and the flavor is good to the end! the draw was fine!
lena in new york July 19, 2014
these are great
in July 17, 2014
"Excellent, believe it or not."
Recent reviews have it a bit wrong. Problem is, these cigars were packed before they were properly humidified. As a result, they are too damp and that is what causes the milkshake draw. That s my theory anyway. When I placed them in my humidor after removing the cellophane , my humidity level spiked. After they were in there a while, they equalized and I ve had no problem smoking them. The aroma is great, I love the lonsdale size, and the dark oily wraper. This wrapper is premium and thick, won t unravel. Nice even burn, and great flavor. If you bought these, you may want to let them equalize firts before you give up. Such value will not come around often, take advantage while you can :-
Mike G in June 29, 2014
"Yard-work cigars at best."
These lonsdales are a struggle to smoke. All of them are so tight that they are almost plugged. Probably because the smoke must be drawn through such a tortuous draw, they don t taste very good. They probably should have been shredded and used as Cuban-sandwich cigar tobacco.
Gosnay in Danbury, CT June 15, 2014
"Very disappointing"
Impossible to finish, due to tight draw and somewhat metallic, rough flavor. Initial dry draw was promising, then I lit it.
mike in marietta, GA June 11, 2014
"not good, look elsewhere"
I concur with the other negative reviews. I got these on special, but they are a very hard draw and don t taste good. I don t see how they were rated highly by some.
John in June 9, 2014
I love lonsdales so I thought I would try these. Terrible...If the aroma or anything else was good I would have kept them. smoked three to see if it was me or ?????. The first cigars I have sent back.
Frank in Maryland June 6, 2014
"save your Money !!!"
I got it for the great price , but the drawl is very very hard to get , I even have to poke it just to get it smoken right, it burns out fast, I had 4 just to see if it was just the one. first Cigar I wish I would not have bought !!!
Dane in Emmaus PA May 30, 2014
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