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"Cigar Nut"
What one needs to appreciate is that these are but one piece of the humidity equation. One of the comments here note that this one 69% dull, etc. There is a reason these come in different humidity levels. A poor sealing humidor or very dry house may need a higher humidity packet to get to 69%.
BigHat in June 1, 2014
"These are great"
I get two of these with each of my orders and throw them into my Humidor. I regular calibrate my hygrometer, and find that these give me a clean 69-71 percent humidity. I don't like any more than 70 percent so these are great.
Doug in New Zealand January 5, 2014
Does the job perfectly, not too dry and not too moist. I might go to 72% in the winter, but 69% works very well for me.
David in Boston, MA June 24, 2013
"The 69ers should not be sold for cigars"
The worst mistake I've ever made with my cigars is trying these 69% Bovedas. They left me with two humi's of dull, oil-less cigars. Boveda 75's are great however.. I'd purchased these trusting the name and looking for added combustibility in some smokes. Big mistake. This should NOT be sold for cigars imo. Extremely dissatisfied. (NB: I know how to care for my humidors)
Lenni in NY,NY November 19, 2012
"The Best"
With the Boveda system,you do not need to worry about your cigars...period. I used a calibrated hygrometer in my humidor for a complete one year cycle,it never varied more than one percent,up or down. I admit I was fastidious about replacing the packs when they started to get hard but they work as advertised. I am a believer that this is the BEST way to keep your treasure at it's best.
Edward in MI November 9, 2010