Boveda 69% Humidity Single Pk

12 Per Carton

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Single Pack12 Per Carton
How often have you struggled to keep your humidor at the proper humidity level? Now, with Bóveda, those days are over. Endorsed by the cigar industry's top professionals, Bóveda is the world's first 2-way humidity control for desktop humidors. Available in a variety of applications: Humidity control, seasoning, and hygrometer Calibration, Bóveda eliminates the guesswork, constant monitoring, and anxiety that can crop-up while trying to maintain optimum conditions your cigar humidor.
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"Cigar Nut "
What one needs to appreciate is that these are but one piece of the humidity equ... more
"These are great "
I get two of these with each of my orders and throw them into my Humidor. I regu... more
Doug in New Zealand
"Excellent "
Does the job perfectly, not too dry and not too moist. I might go to 72% in the ... more
David in Boston, MA
"The 69ers should not be sold for cigars "
The worst mistake I've ever made with my cigars is trying these 69% Bovedas. The... more
Lenni in NY,NY
"The Best "
With the Boveda system,you do not need to worry about your cigars...period. I us... more
Edward in MI
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