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"They work"
These things really work. I have used humidity beads, foam, gel, pillows, etc. All of these add humidity. BOVEDA REGULATES HUMIDITY! The only down side is that I have a few different humidors and cannot afford to buy 5 or 6 every 1-2 months. But I found out you can recharge them. Just google it. These rock!
Phil in Gainesville, GA October 7, 2013
"1 Pack Per 25 Cigars"
Just opened the box with my new humidor, didn't realize when I ordered everything that Boveda recommends 1 pack per 25 cigars.
Pops in Charleston, SC September 16, 2013
These are the best things for my cigars since my humidor! No more fussing and worrying about maintaining the perfect humidity level - no more risking my expensive investment by making a mistake with my humidification. I just put these in my humi and all I have to think about is enjoying my cigars - I highly recommend them!
James in Hollywood March 30, 2013
"THE solution"
Set it and forget it. 72% is the perfect Boveda.
Lenape in New York October 17, 2012
"They totally work!"
I live in Colorado, and even with the humidification device I bought for my humi, AND a shot glass of distilled water, I couldn't get the humidity past 60. I bought one of these, wary of whether or not it would actually work. Within the first day that I put it in there, the humidity was at 68! And since they apparently last for a couple months (time will tell on that one) I figure a $4 investment is definitely worthwhile, considering how it will very much improve the taste and burn of my cigars.
Zach Swinehart in Colorado May 27, 2009
"Cured my humidification worries"
I couldn't keep one of my humidors at a constant level and now both of my humidors always read between 68-71% with Boveda humidity pack. Also super easy to use!! Negatives: kind of takes up space, I would recommend the cedar tray.
Nate in Poultney, VT February 8, 2009
"Great solution"
Trying to keep proper humidity in several small humidors has driven me nuts over the years. The packs in just a couple of months have solved the problems. cigars I thought were runined have slowly been rehumidified to a good texture and feel. One for the box and one for each fifty sticks does the trick. A gallon zip lock bag and a pack is an instant humidor for any bundle.
Joe in Ocean Pines, Maryland April 22, 2008