Boveda 72% Humidity Single Pk

12 Per Carton

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Single Pack12 Per Carton
How often have you struggled to keep your humidor at the proper humidity level? Now, with Bóveda, those days are over. Endorsed by the cigar industry's top professionals, Bóveda is the world's first 2-way humidity control for desktop humidors. Available in a variety of applications: Humidity control, seasoning, and hygrometer Calibration, Bóveda eliminates the guesswork, constant monitoring, and anxiety that can crop-up while trying to maintain optimum conditions your cigar humidor.
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"They work "
These things really work. I have used humidity beads, foam, gel, pillows, etc. A... more
Phil in Gainesville, GA
"1 Pack Per 25 Cigars "
Just opened the box with my new humidor, didn't realize when I ordered everythin... more
Pops in Charleston, SC
"Perfect! "
These are the best things for my cigars since my humidor! No more fussing and w... more
James in Hollywood
"THE solution "
Set it and forget it. 72% is the perfect Boveda.
Lenape in New York
"They totally work! "
I live in Colorado, and even with the humidification device I bought for my humi... more
Zach Swinehart in Colorado
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