Boveda One-Step Calibration Pk

One Step Calibration

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One Step Calibration
The Bóveda One-Step Calibration Kit is the simple, surefire method to accurately calibrate any digital or analog hygometer. Using the 75.5% RH standard, the One-Step Calibration Kit is also used by some of the top museums to calibrate their instruments, including the National Gallery of Art.
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"Works easy! "
One of these came with a new (2nd) humidor I purchased and it worked great and e... more
Jason in SC
"Needed item "
I have 3 hydrometers and each read differently. This item sure confirmed the act... more
Tim in Live Oak, FL
"worth it. "
It's a small price to pay for jnsurance.I have about ten electronic hygrometers ... more
mike in Des moines
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