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Colossal Collections Cigars

Colossal Collections Cigars Description

You know what you like in cigars, and WE know that YOU know. So here's the deal: These Colossal Collections are designed around the palate of true cigar connoisseurs - people who appreciate fine cigars for their subtlety, flavor, aroma, and the experience. Featuring cigars from well-known boutique and major cigar manufacturers, the collections combine both nationally-available brands and private label cigars. Order one now and enjoy some old favorites while making some new friends.

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Colossal Collections Cigars Reviews

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"Quality, Taste 26% Variety"
- The sampler is one of many I have enjoyed this summer, and I must say...more
Torano Colossal Sampler
Ron in Wilmington, DE - August 21, 2014
"Love the Colossal Coffee Collection#1"
- I would like to know why this is not been available for a while?...more
Colossal Coffee Collection #1
Jeffry armstrong in Traverse City, MI - May 24, 2013
"Great Flavorful Collection"
- A great collection of really flavorful smokes. Can't beat the price...more
Colossal Coffee Collection #2
in  - November 24, 2012
"ordered several times"
- No disappointments here. Especially liked the Sancho Panza and the...more
'Old Money' Smoker's Selection
rockme300 in easton pa - August 5, 2012
- All four cigars are very tasty, but I'd have to say the Tabak is my...more
Colossal Coffee Collection #1
Ben in Texas - July 6, 2012
Sale Ends 12/01/14! Sale Price: $ 79.95 Retail Price: $ 151.20
Colossal Connecticut Collection 5
Sale Ends 12/01/14! Sale Price: $ 69.95 Retail Price: $ 146.36
Old Money Smokers Selection
Sale Ends 12/01/14! Sale Price: $ 49.95 Retail Price: $ 100.70
Colossal Coffee Collection 2
Sale Ends 12/01/14! Sale Price: $ 59.95 Retail Price: $ 142.29
Torano Colossal Sampler
Sale Ends 12/01/14! Sale Price: $ 79.95 Retail Price: $ 187.15
Colossal Dominican Collection 3
Sale Ends 12/31/14! Sale Price: $ 59.97 Retail Price: $ 128.12
Colossal Overstock Sampler 3
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