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Are you new to cigars and can't decide which brand is right for you? Maybe you need some variety. If so, you've come to the right page. Check out the great assortment of cigar samplers that our resident cigar experts have assembled in every shape, strength, size, and wrapper shade. Browse around and buy the samplers that strike your fancy.

Buy Featured Variety Samplers Cigars online at discount prices here at Famous Smoke Shop - your source for Featured Variety Samplers Cigars.

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"Well Worth The Price"
- With only two or three sticks that I found hard to smoke, this sampler...more
Bountiful Harvest Bonus Sampler
Alex in San Jose, CA - September 26, 2014
"Great Deal and Quality"
- This was my first purchase from Famous Smoke Shop. I was a little...more
Smoker's Dream Gift Set #6
Marcus in Massachusetts - September 12, 2014
- Wanted to do a follow up to my last review to state that time in the...more
Famous 20 Under 20 Sampler #1
Charles in Oldsmar, Florida - August 25, 2014
"Better Than Expected"
- First of all for this price I was quite surprised when I received this...more
Famous 20 Under 20 Sampler #1
Charles in Oldsmar, Florida - August 15, 2014
"Dry as twigs"
- Worst set of cigars ever because they came to me dry as twigs. ...more
'Best of 90 Plus Rated Big Ring' Sampler
in  - June 6, 2014
Sale Ends 10/20/14! Sale Price: $ 59.95 Retail Price: $ 127.17
Best of 90 Plus Rated Big Ring Sampler
Sale Ends 10/20/14! Sale Price: $ 36.95 Retail Price: $ 73.32
Best Of Full Bodied Cigars Sampler 18
Sale Ends 11/30/14! Sale Price: $ 39.97 Retail Price: $ 89.11
Big Name Lighter Combo Sampler
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