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Logic Electronic Cigarette Accessories

Logic Electronic Cigarette Accessories Description

Logic is a battery-powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine vaporized solution. It's an alternative to smoking tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. Logic uses 9 combined pending patents to duplicate the smoking experience without lighting or burning tobacco, fulfilling a smoker's craving for the nicotine, tobacco flavor, hand-to-mouth motion, inhaling, and the sight of smoke released when exhaling. Hand assembled and individually tested for quality & reliability.

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Logic Electronic Cigarette Accessories Reviews

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"cary, nc"
- they do not live up to 2 packs. Only 1 with the platinum. But I do...more
Logic Disposable Platinum 2.4% Menthol
cynthia in cary, nc - October 29, 2013
"Over-ALL Genre..."
- Okay, first I have to state the obvious for the one who claimed BOTH...more
Logic Disposable Black 1.8% Tobacco
Jessica Vinson in Fayetteville, North Carolina - September 8, 2013
"dont last long"
- I Am Trying To Quit Smoking I Have The Blu That Wasnt helpiNg So A...more
Logic Disposable Platinum 2.4% Tobacco
gina in NC - July 29, 2013
"Better than NJoy"
- This e-cigarette is better than onejoys for one reason! They last...more
Logic Disposable Black 1.8% Tobacco
Li in PB, NY - January 25, 2013
"Short life on these e-cigs."
- I smoke 1/2 packs of regular cigarettes per day. I bought two of the...more
Logic Disposable Black 1.8% Tobacco
Brad in Ohio - July 22, 2012
Amilcar Perez Castro

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