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In Air Force terms, the Wingman is a second pilot who protects the lead pilot by flying just behind his right wing. To that end, we've paired great cigars that perfectly complement each other in these affordable samplers. Presented in packs of 10 cigars, you'll love these high-flying match-ups from the leading cigar makers that cover a wide range of countries, strengths and wrappers. If you like one cigar, odds are you'll like the other, too. Browse the list and order your Wingman now.

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Wingman 5 Packs Cigars Reviews

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"Tunneling Problem"
- The first two Drew Estates/RP Java S had severe tunneling issues. It's...more
Coffee Wingman #1
Steve in Los Angeles - September 23, 2014
"Nice Smokes"
- These 2 cigars are phenomenal for the price. I prefer the La Vieja...more
Mild Bodied Wingman #6
John in Illinois - July 30, 2014
"You can't go wrong on this wingman"
- I'm a real big fan of both of these cigars. There both a smooth and...more
Boutique Wingman #2
weasel1 in joplin mo - May 21, 2014
"Great taste, Great Buy"
- I buy this deal over and over again. Do the math! 4 orders are...more
Maduro Wingman #1
David in Dallas Tx - May 14, 2014
- Inferno is one of the really nice cigars for a good price, but I m...more
Full Bodied Wingman #5
Vasil in CA - May 11, 2014
Wingman 5 Packs
Featured Cigar Sampler
Sale Ends 10/27/14! Sale Price: $ 43.45 Retail Price: $ 76.10
Ecuadorian Conn Wingman 1
Sale Ends 10/27/14! Sale Price: $ 59.95 Retail Price: $ 119.45
Cameroon Wingman 1
Sale Ends 11/15/14! Sale Price: $ 28.97 Retail Price: $ 64.25
Full Bodied Wingman 9
Sale Ends 10/27/14! Sale Price: $ 39.95 Retail Price: $ 68.20
Churchill Wingman 1
Sale Ends 11/15/14! Sale Price: $ 28.97 Retail Price: $ 67.50
Habano Wingman 4
Sale Ends 11/15/14! Sale Price: $ 29.97 Retail Price: $ 68.75
Habano Wingman 5
Rocky Patel Xtreme

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