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Leccia Cigars

Sam Leccia, the man behind Leccia Cigars has had a more than interesting career in the cigar business. He is the creator of a line of cigars that gets raves in just about every review you read.

Presently in the Leccia Cigars lineup is the Leccia Black, the Leccia White and the newest edition, the Leccia Luchador. The Leccia Black is a full bodied treat with a blend of Brazilian, Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. But its unique mesquite flavor comes from the quarter leaf of fire cured tobacco grown in either Kentucky or Tennessee. The Leccia White boasts a unique blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican ligero with a dash of Pennsylvania grown leaf and a rare African Sun Grown wrapper. And the Leccia Luchador, released on Cinco de Mayo 2014 is a dark and bold five-nation blend that is both spicy and sweet.

Sam Leccia’s blending skills began when helping to create and produce two well loved industry brands, the Oliva NUB and the Oliva Cain, one of the first cigars to have a blend of different types of the powerful ligeo leaf. A few years later he created Leccia Tobacco with a distribution partnership with Torano Cigars. The Black and the White took cigar lovers and online and Youtube reviewers by storm.

As a surprise to many, in 2014, General Cigars purchased Torano Cigars along with Leccia Tobacco. Sam Leccia, an incredibly popular personality with cigar fans everywhere remains the ambassador for the brand. Sam is a man that has a tremendous passion for what he does and never settles for the status quo as proven by this quote from his website… “We are a company that loves what we do and do what we love. We don't take that for granted. We believe that the Distinct Flavor, Balance and Smoothness that you'll find in every Leccia Tobacco Cigar is harmonious with the Creativity, Passion and Integrity that goes into it. We believe that if you put everything you have into everything you do that you will always be satisfied with the result.”