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Braniff Reviews

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Braniff No. 3 (10)
Should be labeled as a mini-cigarillo.
Frank in Maine April 10, 2014
Braniff No. 2
"A Smooth and Enjoyable Smoke"
I have bought and smoked these cigars for decades. So smooth and relaxing a very nice smoke.
L L Carter Jr in Erie, PA September 11, 2013
Braniff No. 3
"Great cigarillo for the value!"
I consider the Braniff No. 3 a good quality smoke. They don't go out quickly like others and the taste is comparable to more expensive cigars. I have tried several other brands but like this one by far!
Doug January 31, 2012
Braniff No. 3 (10)
"a great little cigar"
I bought these twice and once along with the Davidoff demi-tasse which are three times the cost. I actually like these better, much better and in fact one of the best little cigars I have ever smoked. I will continue to buy them. One thing though, they have the size wrong. Actually these are fatter than a cigarette, but not much fatter. They are not a 26 as detailed. The Davidoff are much bigger in diameter. Again I will continue to buy these.
george in cape may, nj December 29, 2011
Braniff No. 3
"can't fine no were would like 2 try before buying"
george in cape may, nj December 29, 2011 November 5, 2011
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