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Brazilian Wingman #4 Reviews [view details]

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"Back Again!"
Just had more of the two cigars represented in this pack. Again, I have to say this is the most impressive pack of ten cigars I have come across in a while...flavor, burn, looks the Brazilian Wingman #4 has it all. Those who enjoy maduro cigars will not go wrong buying this sampler. I would rate this pack in the mid nineties...something I do not often do as I find most cigars highly overrated.
Edward in MI January 21, 2012
For three dollars less than the cost of a Kristoff Maduro five pack you get the bonus of receiving a ten pack of two of the finest tasting blends I have ever smoked! I have never smoked the older PDR Oscuro but one can rest assured this is a truly fine cigar. Rich, round flavor and, smooth on the palate, the PDR Oscuro is a great compliment to the Kristoff. In my opinion, both cigars punch far above their class and are true bargains! That said,individual taste can account for much but I honestly think one who enjoys a great maduro will find these cigars truly enjoyable...BTW, I just purchased two more B.W.#4's
Edward in Michigan December 31, 2011
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