Bullet Punch Cutter - Rosewood: Built-In Plug Ejector

Built-In Plug Ejector

$7.99 Retail Price: $ 16.00
Silver Cigar Cutter
With Keyring & Plug Ejector

Sale Price
$5.95 Retail Price: $ 16.00
Sale Ends 04/22/14!
Gold Cigar Cutter
With Keyring & Plug Ejector

$7.99 Retail Price: $ 16.00
Rosewood Silver Gold
A low-cost, bullet-style punch cutter featuring a laminated rosewood housing and brass accents. The replaceable razor-sharp blade cuts a perfect circle in the head of your cigars. Just push in the convenient, spring-loaded key ring to eject the tobacco plug and screw the cap back on to secure it.
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