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Buyer's Guide Reviews

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Buyer's Guide #16 (Large Ring-Gauge Cigars)
"The Best Bang for Your Buck"
If your looking for large ring cigars? Not quite sure what your looking for? Then this sampler is a must buy! This sampler is and all-star line up that will impress the most discriminating smoker. The biggest hits for me were; MAXX the Freak, Antano 1970, CAO American Potomac, Grand Habano #5, and RP Rosado Sixty. The biggest misses were; The 777, and Famous 3000.
Big Moose in Lawrenceville, IL. December 11, 2011
Buyer's Guide #13 (Hidden Gems)
"Not my favorites."
Quite a difference in brands. 2 brands were dry and unraveled, one was very hard to draw, none had any smoth/sweet flavor.
Jim T in South Carolina November 19, 2011
Buyer's Guide #15 (Cigarnival 2011)
"Ample Sampler"
Heya, If you want a great bang for the buck, look here. The local shop I go to carries about half of these brands, but I wouldn't have gotten the comparisons that I did when smoking from this stash. A couple of two or three cigar days let me judge A. Fuente to Torano to Tatuaje. All had some leathery notes in their smoke, but each one was noticeably different. I wouldn't have thought to pick up all three from the cigar shop, but I'm glad they were in the sampler together. Sure, there were some cheaper sticks, but was thankful for them during the days I wanted to smoke and tinker around in the shop. It would definitely be a sacrilege to grease up a premium brand. All in all, I was very pleased with what was speedily shipped to my door. I'm still waiting on the right day to start on the Goliath one though. Thanks famous!
Brandon in Cookeville Tennessee November 14, 2011
Buyer's Guide #6 (Best Buys of 2010)
"Great Buy"
This Sampler was IDEAL for a person that enjoys Maduro cigars. I bought two packages and have begun ranking to my tastes. Again, IDEAL!
Charles in Atlanta September 27, 2011
Buyer's Guide #9 (Cameroon Wrapper)
"Some good ones"
The best tom, were, in order; the Fuente Hemingway, Partagas, Upmann, and CAO. the rest were very forgettable, for various reasons.
Ted in New Jersey March 24, 2011
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