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Support Our Troops
"Thanks to Famous Smoke and Cigar for Warrior"
We have had the pleasure of enjoying fine Cigars Thanks to Cigar for Warriors and Famous Smoke. We really appreciate having a receiving the package and have thoroughly enjoyed taking a break and having a nice cigar.
Nathan in Kabul, Afghanistan October 21, 2014
Cigarnival 2014 Super Sampler
What a freaking deal! I just got 35 quality sticks in a killer selection for basically $2.75 a stick. Smokes arrived lightning fast and in top shape. Make no mistake...these are killah...Famous Smoke delivers on all there promises and in a pissah fashion. I got lucky and got this sampler at the $99 price point before they just got bumped up...but even the currently deal is smokin hot!
J Francis in Manch-Vegas, NH July 21, 2014
Support Our Troops
"A Great way to support the troops!"
No matter what your politics, you have to support the brave men and women that are placing themselves in harm s way on a daily basis. Thank you Famous Cigar for giving this Cigar Smoking, Navy Vet a chance to show his appreciation for what these brave men and women are doing.
Raymond in Hudson Falls, NY July 8, 2014
Support Our Troops
"Thank you Famous Smoke Shop!"
These cigars are all great, and after a long day of Army Army Army, it s really nice to sit back and relax with one. I passed them all out to my soldiers and kept the EP Carrillo. Everyone was pretty happy and all the worries that we have just went away for a while. Thanks Famous Smoke!
SGT Graham in Middle East June 22, 2014
Cigarnival 2014 Super Sampler
"A great super sampler at even a better price"
This sampler is the real deal, a little bit of everything to please every cigar guy, from mild to wild in this one, will buy it again....
Mark Z in Los Angeles June 17, 2014
Support Our Troops
"OOORAH! Famous Smoke"
As a retired Navy CPO, I am honored to see that Famous Smoke has offered this wonderful option. To have cigars sent over to our troops, who put their lives on the line each and every day so we can enjoy our lives of freedom is truly AWESOME! THANKS Famous Smoke!! R/CC
Triple C in Oxnard CA. May 19, 2014
Oktoberfest Cigar Guide
"Bit of Everything"
Great sampler to try new flavors and brands.
Triple C in Oxnard CA. May 19, 2014 February 12, 2014
The Monster's Stash
"If They Build It, Buy It!"
If Famous ever puts this sampler together again, buy it. I read every review of every stick before I bought the stash, and they were all highly rated. And they ve lived up to the billing. Just smoked the INCH and I m on top of the world. Wish I had a box of every single smoke so far, and I m a only a quarter of the way through the sampler. I will buy another and another.
Joe in Nor Cal November 27, 2013
Traditional Meets Modern
"Best sampler ever!"
all of them were just lovely! except the Don Tomas, horrible taste!! but hey.. you have got 29 other great cigars! hehe :) you will enjoy this sampler!
Raz in israel October 3, 2013
Buyer's Guide Sampler #33 (Boutique Beauties)
"Great Assortment"
This is the second sampler that I have purchased. This is a great way to fill your humidor, and find some new favorites. They are not all great smokes, there has been a few unpleasant choices, but overall this is a great value, and a great collection
Christian in Colorado March 30, 2013
La Floridita Fuerte
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