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Cabaiguan Reviews

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Cabaiguan Belicoso Fino
"The Hype Not Worth the Price"
After smoking a few from my 5-pack, I suppose this cigar is just not my cup of tea. Maybe I was expected too much. Don't get me wrong, it's a fine cigar -- full of flavor and unlike most of the other DPG concoctions, this cigar is not overpowering at all -- very smokeable. But at nearly $10 a stick (well over that as singles in B&Ms), there's one thing this cigar does have in common with all of DPG's pricier smokes: They're only worth half of the asking price (if that) ... there are many much finer cigars out there for a lot less money than these Cabaiguans.
ROTHNH in Midcoast Maine January 12, 2009
Cabaiguan Petite Cabaiguan
"One of the Great Ones Except for the Petites"
This brand is in my top five and I have been smoking a long time. A flawless wrapper covers these beauties. A great medium cigar that gives off thick elegant smoke. My only complaint is that the petite size is very inconsistant in terms of construction. I have not experienced any construction issues with the other sizes and I have smoked them all. The petites are a great short smoke when they are rolled correctly. I find that at least one out of every three is poorly rolled.
Chris G in Torrington CT September 24, 2008
Cabaiguan Belicoso Fino
"Firm Draw"
The Cabaiguan Belicoso Fino is nicely constructed cigar. But that's where the nicety ends, as the draw was firm which forced me to cut down more than I usually do for a "torpedo." What flavors I was able to get from the very firm draw was a bit of coffee with toffee. Wish the draw was better or perhaps the one I had was not prepped right.
Sven in San Francisco August 26, 2008
Cabaiguan Coronas Extra
"A beautiful cigar, and a smooth medium-body smoke."
This cigar had a flawless Connecticut wrapper, no construction issues to speak of. Smooth and medium-bodied, a truly delicious cigar. Buy a box.
Christopher in Kansas City August 7, 2008
Cabaiguan Guapos
"Buy them"
If you can get a hold of this cigars get them they only made 50,000 of them!!!!!!
Emerson Alvarez November 19, 2007
Cabaiguan Imperiales
"Very Good"
Of the Garcia line this one is a good smoke. The construction is perfect. The flavors are more mellow than the other lines. The flavor tones don't pop out like say the Pepin Blue. This cigar has a ton of balance with a large dose of smoothness. The pepper still stands out. What really makes this smoke even more different than the other Pepin lines is the Ecudorian wrapper. This wrapper really give a crisp bite to the aftertaste. All in All this is a very good smoke. I will say its a bit overpriced but is as good or better than any average Cuban.
MR T in MidWest September 27, 2007
Cabaiguan Coronas Extra
Just had one of these for the first time yesterday. It was good, but not really remarkable for the price. They are right about the wrapper, it is beautiful but there just wasn't much taste to it. I'm used to smoking maduros so maybe that's my problem. It started out medium bodied and then built up to being full bodied in about the middle of the cigar. I would recommend this cigar if you were looking to break into more full bodied cigars but weren't ready for the heaviness and taste of a La Gloria.
Scott in Wilmington, NC January 30, 2007
Cabaiguan Belicoso Fino
"A Masterpiece"
What a great cigar. Perfect burn and draw. Medium strength but full flavored. Beautiful smooth oily wrapper. Lives up to all the hype.
Mark in Omaha December 13, 2006
Iron Horse
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