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Cabaiguan Coronas Extra Reviews [view details]

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"Very Surprising"
This was a great cigar choice. The taste is great, a little spicy. It has a medium/ full body and never let me down. It drew really well with a guillotine cut. I think it is my new favorite cigar. The look was simple and classic which is attractive to me. It burned very well and was rolled tightly. I recommend it.
Hagood in Hemphill March 19, 2014
"Great cigar"
Not sure about the other reviewers, but I loved this cigar. Got a 5 pack and then immediately got a full box. It's uber creamy and defintely tastes very nutty; on the milder side-at most a low medium, with hints of pepper. Short finish, and not the best looking wrapper, but no real burn issues-very loose draw, loose ash, tons of smoke. Ash didn't stay on for more than 3/4 of an inch-although to be fair I was smoking it outside in the wind. The profile seems really similar to Ashton Cabinets- a little more spice though, but half the price. I honestly am going to make this a regular smoke. Didn't try any other vitolas but the corona extra. Gotta believe the rest are as good.
KS in NYC February 23, 2013
"The whole experience was Underwellming"
I was expecting a lot more from these ( Over-priced ) stogees. I read the reveiws etc... They are a nice mellow smoke with plenty of taste and good finish. I am on my second one from the five pak I got and I think the several weeks in the humidor did a lot for the remaining ones.I will save the rest for my sunday AM smoke and Exxpreso.
Buffalo S. in Wisconsin November 29, 2009
"A beautiful cigar, and a smooth medium-body smoke."
This cigar had a flawless Connecticut wrapper, no construction issues to speak of. Smooth and medium-bodied, a truly delicious cigar. Buy a box.
Christopher in Kansas City August 7, 2008
Just had one of these for the first time yesterday. It was good, but not really remarkable for the price. They are right about the wrapper, it is beautiful but there just wasn't much taste to it. I'm used to smoking maduros so maybe that's my problem. It started out medium bodied and then built up to being full bodied in about the middle of the cigar. I would recommend this cigar if you were looking to break into more full bodied cigars but weren't ready for the heaviness and taste of a La Gloria.
Scott in Wilmington, NC January 30, 2007
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10 Construction (94) 100
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5-Pack Frenzy...just got a lot crazier!
Amilcar Perez Castro