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Cafe Creme Reviews

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Wintermans Cafe Creme Arome Oriental (20)
"Best Cigarillos Ever!"
The best cigarillos ever! You will enjoy every second with those.
Raz in Israel September 26, 2013
Winterman Cafe Creme Mild Blue (20)
"Very Consistent"
Smoked these for years as go-to, mild, quick smoke.
Rob in Brasil April 19, 2013
Winterman Cafe Creme Mild Blue (20)
"Good Regular Smokes"
I have found this brand very consistent for a milder smoke particularly in these time challenged days. Recommended.
Rob in RJ, Brasil April 8, 2013
Wintermans Cafe Creme Arome Oriental (20)
I've tasted much more expensive cigars and cigarillos and I can honestly say I like these, more than most of those. They have a very pleasant sweet flavor, that unlike many CAO cigars is not overwhelming and the constancy of the smoke is smooth and not too rough. They are small and perfect for a quick smoke and some espresso. I highly recommend these
Nicholas in New England December 29, 2012
Wintermans Cafe Creme (20)
really good!
Nicholas in New England December 29, 2012 December 24, 2012
Wintermans Cafe Creme (20)
"Love them!"
These are not your cigar lovers masterpiece but a quick easy going smoke thats smooth and silky they have a great flavor and are perfect for a 15 min smoke break on the go or at work. I allways like to have a few tins of these around for those nights you don't have time to sit down for an hour and smoke
ATB in Hyrum, Utah November 14, 2012
Wintermans Cafe Creme (20)
A very disappointing smoke. I was expecting much better based on the reviews and ratings. Short, hot, quick burn with no discernible flavor. Pass on these.
Johnae in Chicago September 9, 2011
Wintermans Cafe Creme Arome Oriental (20)
"dont waste your money"
I was completly disapointed with these low quality smokes, they taste like old car tire. this was my first & last order...
Christopher in gillette Wy August 24, 2011
Wintermans Cafe Creme (20)
"Great for What they are..."
These little cigarillos are great if you want a smooth, ultra mild and pleasurable 10 minute diversion from your day. What they are not is full bodied, complex, or to be compared with so many larger and more "commitment oriented" smokes, by that I mean time, cost, and aftertaste... SOMETIMES YOU JUST WANT A SMOOTH, SWEET LITTLE BREAK... and these little Gems are it!
Terry in California May 7, 2010
Wintermans Cafe Creme Arome Oriental (20)
"I'm addicted to these"
I love the aroma of these little cigarillos, and they are reasonably mild, to my taste. My only complaints are that they are not available in a larger size, because their tiny size (3 X 20) means they only last about 15 minutes, or less. The only negative, and it is minor, is that they go out quickly if not puffed regularly. I've tried the other flavors, but to me this mixture is the only one I like. I now buy them by the 100-pack. And thank you Famous for having them on sale recently at $29.95/100. I hope you will repeat the sale regularly.
Jeffrey in Kansas City, MO April 2, 2010
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