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Cafe Creme Reviews

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Wintermans Cafe Creme (20)
"don't do it"
I have no idea why these things such a high review. Unimpressive in every way and simply not worth it. If you?re looking for a quick smoke try a habanito by don lino but stay away from these things
eddie in sunny iraq February 15, 2010
Winterman Cafe Creme Mild Blue (20)
"Not bad"
These are a good daily smoke on a budget, pair well with coffee or a glass of Jagermeister and Coke. They do however burn hot, consistently. But they only last for around two or three minutes. I like them, and frequently buy these at my local store. Although we don't have as much choice in the way of cigar variety goes, as you lucky Americans. Overall not a bad smoke.
Mason in Dunedin,New Zealand November 19, 2008
Wintermans Cafe Creme (20)
For a quick smoke, these are great. Creamy and smooth. Started out a little too sweet, but quickly mellowed into a real nice vanilla flavor. Good price too.
Greg in Seattle March 5, 2008
Winterman Cafe Creme Mild Blue (20)
"Hello Taste??? Where are you???"
I just bought a pack of these and I was very excited about them. The little cigar looked good. Natural wrapper. Very appealing. But I really had to sniff hard to smell it. It was even lacking a tobacco scent. It lit really easily and was virtually flavorless other than a mild tobacco smoke. No coffee or Java...nothing. The aroma was even weak. Almost smelled like a cigarette which I can't stand. I don't have a problem with a short smoke because sometimes I'm just not in the mood to spend and hour nursing an eight dollar stogie, but this was ridiculous. I had it smoked down in less than 3 minutes. Nice if you're on the go, but come on. It got really hot about half way through and I put it out with a little over an inch left as it was burning my fingers. Pretty loose construction and a lack of flavor. I spent $12.99 on these things at the local smoke shop and unless the 19 others in the tin are any better, I will never buy them again. DISAPPOINTING
Sean in Montesano, WA March 5, 2008
Winterman Cafe Creme Mild Blue (20)
"too bitter for me"
I bought these because they were supposedly mild, but found they were rather bitter. Much too bitter for my liking. And because they were 'mild', there was not much other flavor to offset the bitterness.
Su in USA November 14, 2006
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