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Camacho Accessories And Samplers Reviews

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Camacho Minis (20)
"Good Short Smoke"
These are a full flavor smoke that lasts about five minutes or so. Burn is good and flavor is consistent. I do keep them in the humidor for freshness.
Robert in St.Louis November 13, 2014
The Camachos 'New Look' Sampler
This was a very good sampler I wish it had another Maduro in this 5 pack.... :-) ...ENJOY
Harlem NYC . in New York City August 20, 2012
The Camachos 'New Look' Sampler
"All very good cigars"
They are All very good cigars well worth the cash.
james in bloomfield,nj May 16, 2012
Camacho Liberty 2007 Series
"Moved instantly into my all-time top ten!"
Was offered one at a wedding party. This lovely cigar broke through my well-worn cigar taste buds with class. An easy draw and this cigar started and finished delicious. I was reminded of some of the better Cubans of the past. But this cigar is unique. A shame they only made a few. Happyto have a box in the humidor, though.
Jon in Hill June 30, 2010
Camacho Signature Blends Executive Traveler Bag
What can I say...this is a sick setup. 5 of the best cigars on the planet times 4. I've bought 2 already and I'm about to buy 2 more. The Liberty is probably the best cigar I've ever had. The Triple Maduro has no peer. Eiroa and pops are the best cigar men on the planet.
Colby H in Upstate NY January 24, 2010
The Camachos 'New Look' Sampler
What can I say except excellent in every way, from spicy, peppery with a good burn to dark strong and rich just the way I like my coffee! but i do not recommend for a morning cigar unless you want to veg for a couple of hours.
Daniel in Lincoln Park Mi January 8, 2009
Camacho 20 Cigar Super Sampler
"What a bargain!"
I bought these on sale expecting them to be OK but not great. I was wrong! They are a smooth medium smoke with great construction and draw. One of the best Honduran's I've ever had.
Joe S in New York May 6, 2008
Camacho 20 Cigar Super Sampler
"This sampler has made me a Camacho man."
I have enjoyed this sampler 5 times now. Out of 100 smokes every one burned well, drew well, hit well and tasted well. At $2.50 a stick you can't beat the quality, I'll take another 2 thanks.
Chad in Southern California May 5, 2008
Camacho 20 Cigar Super Sampler
To me these are the next best things right under an actual cuban Cohiba
B in alabama April 26, 2008
La Floridita Fuerte
Iron Horse